what’s next?

Humans have a tendency of wanting to know what’s going on, ALL THE TIME! Like 24/7, no breaks, no heads up, no chill, no nothing its bananas.
That’s cool, but give me a break. Please.

[Real. Raw. Respect.]


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4 things to hold on to this year.

You clicked on this blog post because you want 2018 to be a great year and you want to achieve more than you did last year. You also clicked because you needed some motivation or inspiration to go throughout your Continue reading

let your walls down.



  1. the outer layer of something that is hallow; build for protection, security.

Everyone is afraid to get their walls broken down, whether they admit it to themselves or not. People who enter your life may come with a Continue reading

get to know me challenge; the a-z of MJ

The Get To Know Me Challenge is basically to let you guys know a bit more about me, my likes, dislikes, inspirations as well as my aspirations. My blog is about “Digging a little deeper,” so let’s do Continue reading

tips to living stress-free.

Many people go about their day to day life being stressed out, unhappy and not living up to the standards that they are suppose to. Why do “we” stress ourselves out so much daily? Why can’t we just Continue reading

23 reasons why it’s ok to be yourself.

Take one and go with it throughout the day or week!

  1. There is only one you and nobody else can ever be YOU.
  2. You are perfect just the way you are. Your imperfections make you even better! ( Might
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