reclaiming the word VULNERABLE.

What comes to mind when you think of the word vulnerable? For me, I think about being fully open to someone or something, and that in itself is a scary thing. Honestly, this is the time we discuss why being vulnerable is not a horrible thing in the end. Notice I said “in the end”, becauseContinue reading “reclaiming the word VULNERABLE.”


We all have dreams, goals, aspirations and things we hope to accomplish one day, Sometimes it seems like those dreams won’t ever come true and ultimately just stay a “dream” in our minds…but Today I realized that dreams are more than just pictures in our minds that we visualize subconsciously or consciously, it’s so muchContinue reading “keep DREAMING, keep BELIEVING.”

make your own path.

Who defines whether a person is successful or a failure? My answer is this…No ONE! Nobody can judge anyone on the amount of success they have or have not accomplished in their life. It seems nowadays success is measured by the amount of degrees you have under your name, but true success does not lieContinue reading “make your own path.”

the art of being unbothered.

This is the art of seriously not giving a crap about what others think, feel or may say about you. Cheers in advance to you for not caring. I think the older I get, the more I have learned to master this art. Not going to lie, I may have slipped probably ONE time..but believeContinue reading “the art of being unbothered.”

you are enough.

You messed up, you failed, you’re not proud of it, but your journey is not over. They mistreated you, made fun of the person you used to be without seeing the person you would become…but your journey isn’t over. You are enough. Don’t let what people say deter you from fulfilling your dreams, Don’t letContinue reading “you are enough.”