Glossier’s Skincare Edit + A Limited Edition Product.

Hello stars! Yes, you’re a star. Welcome back. So glad you decided to come visit my blog today. This post should be satisfying if you’re into taking care of your skin! Question, how many of you care about your skincare routine? (All of you should be saying ME) Okay so you’re going to want toContinue reading “Glossier’s Skincare Edit + A Limited Edition Product.”

3 Things You Should Have In Your Closet.

Hey guys! As we wrap up 2019 and prepare to bask in all 2020’s blessings, remember that the end of year sale is right around the corner! Hahaha. I weren’t expecting that, but it’s true. Make sure you buy some pieces that will take in you into 2020 looking and feeling your best. WhoContinue reading “3 Things You Should Have In Your Closet.”

Queen And Slim.

Last night I saw the film Queen And Slim. I had to write a blog post. This movie taught me a few lessons, as a matter of fact, it reiterated what it means to be a black human being in a corrupt society. This is so unlike me, writing about films I’ve watched, but thisContinue reading “Queen And Slim.”

Styling My Hermine Hold Accessories.

Happy Sunday my loves! I hope you are having a beautiful start to this joyous week! I am super excited about this collaboration because it took me out of my comfort zone, whereas I got to play around with some hair/fashion accessories! If you know me you know I love to switch up my hairstyles,Continue reading “Styling My Hermine Hold Accessories.”

Glossier’s Newest Products.

I realized that I share more about Glossier on my Instagram page than here on my blog, so I decided to start from now I’ll be sharing more here! For my new subscribers/followers, thank you for stopping by! I’m a glossier rep, which means I get to have my own page on glossier’s website withContinue reading “Glossier’s Newest Products.”

The Perfect SHELFIE + Staying Organized.

Hey, my loves! I hope you are having a great week so far! If you aren’t I hope this post makes you feel a little better.  Today I wanted to show you guys my bathroom SHELFIE and why it’s important to have good skincare products in there, but before I jump in discussing that topic,Continue reading “The Perfect SHELFIE + Staying Organized.”

Green Ruffles + GWTF.

Hello my loves! I hope you are having a beautiful week so far. Welcome back! To my new friends, thanks for stopping by. You won’t regret this read. Today’s post is a style post, but as you know my style posts comes with some “juice” aka words of encouragement to sustain us as we go!Continue reading “Green Ruffles + GWTF.”

Punch Back.

*photos by Duran Andrae* CHIN UP, YOU GOT THIS. It’s a new week, new day, new vibes, new opportunity to be better, do better. This post will not be significantly long as my previous post, it gets straight to the point so keep reading. I know you are interested in knowing what this post isContinue reading “Punch Back.”

Tea time with KROMA!

Hello, my loves! Today’s post is all about our smartphones! I have teamed up with Kroma to share with you some of their cases that I’m so in love with currently! If you are as clumsy as I am or you just love to switch up your phone cases…this post will do you well! …SoContinue reading “Tea time with KROMA!”