Remember Who You Are.

Hello beautiful people! Happy new month of October. Let’s make these last 3 months of 2020 count.

Today’s post I want to remind you of who you are, because sometimes you (and me) forget so I got you. The first thing you need to keep in mind at all times is who made you. That’s number one because you were made to be someone, do a certain thing, and have a purpose. God created each of us differently for a reason. Sometimes we may feel like following the crowd and “the world” is appealing, but it’s not. Not because someone else is doing something mean you have to go do it too. Remember who you are and what your purpose on this earth is to do. Once you figure out your purpose, everything else falls into place. Trust me. Also, read this past post for some extra help on discovering your purpose: Listen To God.

If you’ve ever felt like you have let yourself turn into something you never thought you’d be…

  • Write down the qualities you want to exhibit.
  • Take steps to changing the bad habits you have adopted.
  • Figure out why you’ve allowed yourself to get so deep in that bad mentality.

If you forgot why it’s important to be yourself and embrace who you are…

  • Make time to spend with people who appreciate, lift you up, encourage you, and know who you are.
  • Let go off excess baggage (people + things).
  • Remember to always do what’s best for you.


This pregnancy I’m all for comfort, chic style, street style and overall going with what I think is cute. I can’t conform to maternity clothes! Let me know in the comments if you loved the look!

Oversized shirt: Asos

Shoes: Ego Shoes

Denim-Oversized Baggy Fit: Topshop

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Bringing Joy With Hatch.

Wow! We’re winding down on the final days of September and I am in disbelief okay. Time is flying by and this pandemic/covid session has overstayed its’ time. However, I digress. We ought to focus on the better days ahead!

So! I’ve collaborated with HATCHgal, to bring you this beautiful floral summer to fall dress that can be worn to bring joy to mothers to be, during and after pregnancy. How beautiful is that right? As pregnancy goes, the changes comes and sometimes we may not feel our best, but I’m glad to have this beautiful addition to my fall wardrobe!

I normally hate maternity clothes (always have since pre-pregnancy), however this dress has changed my mind. I love how flows it is and how versatile it is as well. I can wear this with a turtle neck underneath or even with a knit sweater over it! I cannot wait until it gets really cold to layer!

Disclaimer/full disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all thoughts in my review are my own. This dress was gifted.

A Few Ways You Can Find Joy Everyday

Listen to your favorite song, while dancing around the house.

Learning to cook new meals (desserts + dinner meals).

Make self-care a part of your routine- consistently + intentionally.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel your best.

Shop at your favorite store + splurge at least once a month (needed).

Get out in nature, outdoors, get some fresh air!

Take photos, make videos, laugh more.

Count your blessing (write it down).

Make room for your dreams, passions, and goals.

Trust me, if you do atleast one of these things per day or week, you’ll be sure to add joy in your life!

Dress Details

The Yumi Dress// Pink Falling Bouquet from