How To Stay Productive At Home.

Hi, my loves! How are you doing? As you know, I’m quarantined and I’m pretty sure you are too so by the title of this post you know what to expect. It is only day 3 and I had to get my life together and really figure out some ways to keep abreast it all. ThingsContinue reading “How To Stay Productive At Home.”

5 Ways To Build Up Your Self-Confidence.

Hey Luvs! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re enjoying this care-free photo taken on my honeymoon! Today’s post I’ll be focusing on how we can build up our self-confidence. This is super important not only for our mental health, but for our real-life day to day responsibilities and lives. here’s a story! When IContinue reading “5 Ways To Build Up Your Self-Confidence.”

Loving Yourself: The Importance.

**All images were taken by Duran Andrae. // trousers-zara I previously broke the internet with the news of my upcoming nuptials. *Breathe*. I know you are all still recovering (and if you haven’t read it and see the photos, click here and here and here to see more), but I wanted to share this post today aboutContinue reading “Loving Yourself: The Importance.”

I Bring Me.

 [Photographer: Duran Andrae. Hit him up!] Hello my loves, thanks for stopping by!  “What do you bring to the table?” I bring me! How many times have you been questioned or even second guessed yourself in terms of what you bring to the table? Whether it’s at work, school or in a relationship/friendship, I probe youContinue reading “I Bring Me.”

Stripes for the win!

–getting my top model on! Photographer: @DuranAndrae Hey you! Welcome back. Glad you took the time out to check out my blog post.  It’s Sunday, and I woke up in an extra-terrific-amazingly-great mood. We owe it to ourselves to look as good as we feel inside. Don’t you agree? I’ve been on a level of peaceContinue reading “Stripes for the win!”

25 Positive Affirmations to Oneself.

Inspired by Alex Elle’s #1AffirmationADay Take one or two or three and go for the day! Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself… Today I affirm: I am not finished growing yet and I cannot beat myself up for things that I have not yet accomplished. I require love + care, just as plantsContinue reading “25 Positive Affirmations to Oneself.”

oversized jacket + self-love​.

Hello loves, Every time I take pictures I make sure to have at least one laughing shot. The reason behind it is because no matter how much I may feel down or whatever situation I may be going through, I know I could look back at my photos and smile. If you ask my familyContinue reading “oversized jacket + self-love​.”


Hello friends and newbies, Welcome to another blog post here at KUWMJ! So today I decided to write about self-expression. The do’s, the dont’s and the why’s. Stick around it’s going to be an interesting post. If you’re like me and you are more of a writer than a talker, then you can fully relateContinue reading “#expressyourself.”

get to know me challenge; the a-z of MJ

The Get To Know Me Challenge is basically to let you guys know a bit more about me, my likes, dislikes, inspirations as well as my aspirations. My blog is about “Digging a little deeper,” so let’s do just that! A– Art. I’ve grown to love and appreciate art so much more this year it’sContinue reading “get to know me challenge; the a-z of MJ”

tips to living stress-free.

Many people go about their day to day life being stressed out, unhappy and not living up to the standards that they are suppose to. Why do “we” stress ourselves out so much daily? Why can’t we just forget about the burdens life brings us and be carefree? How can we change this and beContinue reading “tips to living stress-free.”

you are enough.

You messed up, you failed, you’re not proud of it, but your journey is not over. They mistreated you, made fun of the person you used to be without seeing the person you would become…but your journey isn’t over. You are enough. Don’t let what people say deter you from fulfilling your dreams, Don’t letContinue reading “you are enough.”