Photo Diary: Grad Shoot.





I realized after writing up my What’s Next? blog post that I have over 300+ grad shoot photos that are literally all so dope! So I wanted to put together another post highlighting my favorite photos (even though it was … Continue reading

what’s next?

Humans have a tendency of wanting to know what’s going on, ALL THE TIME! Like 24/7, no breaks, no heads up, no chill, no nothing its bananas.
That’s cool, but give me a break. Please.

[Real. Raw. Respect.]


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fail​ure is an option.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Today’s post gives me such a cozy feel. Before you go crazy about the topic or move on to the next post, hear me out. I strongly can say that you will rethink opting out failure Continue reading

celebrate the small successes.

As I get older…

I begin to realize the importance of giving myself credit for the little things I accomplish. Just a FYI: Not everyone is going to be happy for you or will keep rooting for your success, so Continue reading

happy bloggerversary KUWMJ!

This week is my 1 YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY!🎉🎊

I’ve been blogging for one whole year, isn’t that crazy cool AMAZING?! Wow, it really feels like yesterday I started on this path not knowing the destination.
This first post I’ll start off Continue reading