Take Responsibility.

All Photos by Duran Andrae. It’s my 3-year blogversary and I am full of gratitude and love. Thank you to everyone reading this right now. I appreciate your love + support. There are so many more great things in store for my blog. Stay tuned. This post discusses steps to taking responsibility for our actions. AsContinue reading “Take Responsibility.”

the little things we forget.

I have realized that there is so many little, yet big things that we should be thankful and grateful for, but neglect it. So many people are not blessed to even have a roof over there heads, yet still we complain about simple things like “Not having plans” or “Being bored at home”. Some peopleContinue reading “the little things we forget.”

17 things to tell yourself everyday.

Everyday we wake up is a blessing and I hope we as human beings realize that. So many people did not get the chance to open their eyes, take another breath, see a family member or loved one, so if we are granted that blessing then our attitude should be different. As I did inContinue reading “17 things to tell yourself everyday.”

reality check.

Time to give ourselves a reality check! So many times we take life for granted. Read this, it will definitely change how you approach life! Dear ME or Whomever may be reading this, Stop rushing. Stop fussing. Stop worrying. Stop complaining. Stop comparing. Stop crying. Just stop for one second, clear your mind for aContinue reading “reality check.”