5 Tips For Becoming A Blogger.

I contemplated a lot with what type of blog posts to put out during this time of ‘self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine & chill, working from home’ time period and what I thought to do was to write posts that will be somewhat helpful and posts that will bring some type of normality to what we all areContinue reading “5 Tips For Becoming A Blogger.”

10 Days To #TheMillerLove.

It’s 10 days until my wedding day and I am filled with butterflies! How has the time gone by so quickly? It felt like just yesterday we decided to what venue to have our wedding at and literally next week we’ll be sharing our “I do’s” in front of our closest friends and family. InContinue reading “10 Days To #TheMillerLove.”

Loving Yourself: The Importance.

**All images were taken by Duran Andrae. // trousers-zara I previously broke the internet with the news of my upcoming nuptials. *Breathe*. I know you are all still recovering (and if you haven’t read it and see the photos, click here and here and here to see more), but I wanted to share this post today aboutContinue reading “Loving Yourself: The Importance.”

reclaiming the word VULNERABLE.

What comes to mind when you think of the word vulnerable? For me, I think about being fully open to someone or something, and that in itself is a scary thing. Honestly, this is the time we discuss why being vulnerable is not a horrible thing in the end. Notice I said “in the end”, becauseContinue reading “reclaiming the word VULNERABLE.”