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The Wedding Party Favorites: The Little People.

I think we can all agree that majority of the time, the little people get looked over. Future bride to be’s, choose them wisely and give the the attention, love and encouragement they deserve! It was really hard for me to choose (well not so hard haha) because I have so much of my kiddies that I hold near and dear to my heart, however a decision had to be made. Let me INTRODUCE my little squad! FLOWERGIRLS: Mckenzie-Rae (My Mini Me), Kailin (My Babygirl), Makenzie (Duran’s Niece, who’s now my niece πŸ™‚ ) FLOWERBOY: Matthias (My Sis/Cousin Son) RINGBEAR: Jai (Me & Duran’s Godson) Flowergirls, flowerboy and ring bearer. I opt’d out of having a mini bride because I just did not see the need for one. I know a lot of you are wondering…a flower-BOY? Yes. A flowerboy. My little baby Matthias. I had to include him in my wedding somehow, so I decided that the best way was to have him walk down the aisle stunting with the flower girls (and he …

The Wedding Guest List: The Art Of Choosing.

Hello everyone. It’s Tuesday, which means its #weddingserieswithMJ time! If you been following me on Instagram, you know that I started this wedding series about a month ago where I share some tips, advice, and some realness to my future brides and also to anyone interested in knowing my thoughts/feelings. Today is no different. I usually post to Instagram, but I felt like this post would be a little more lengthy and it’s worthy of a blog post! Keep up with me on Instagram, by following me HERE. Now that that’s in order, let’s get into the good stuff. Wedding Guest List This is possibly the worst part of wedding planning, in my opinion. It’s literally bittersweet. This is the day you would have to put on your big girl and big boy underwear and make some tough decisions. Honestly, it took me and husbae A LONG TIME to get our list figured out. It was so hard.Β It wasn’t that hard. No, it was hard.Β  Before you make the tough decisions of adding and subtracting …

Our Wedding Day: Portraits.

Hey guys, today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite bridal portraits from my wedding day with you. This has been a highly requested blog post, and since we’re almost 2 months in from our wedding day (9.19.19), I thought I’ll give you guys a peek into our special day. Would you believe we got back 4,000+ photos from our photographers? Believe it. It’s A LOT. Talk about picture overload! I hope you love them as much as I do! Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite! I’m getting all the feels by looking at them again! Photos by: George Street Photography Marikah & Duran’s Registry: CLICK HERE More wedding posts here, +here, +here, (details on my tips, thoughts on weddings, latest scoop & more!)