fullsizerenderCancer is temporary, but LOVE IS FOREVER. I must dedicate a portion of this blog to a fallen soldier in my eyes, the best aunt a girl could ask for. Thank you aunty laura for showing me and the rest of your nieces and nephews what the true definition of an aunt was. Countless times you expressed your love towards us unconditionally. Both your smile and your laugh were contagious! You were honestly such a beautiful person, inside and out and everyone knew it. Always greeted me with big hugs and kisses. How can I ever forget it…Time after time you came through for me, in ways I cannot explain. You set the bar real high for my other aunts to reach. I don’t think anyone can ever replace you…EVER. CANCER really sucks, it creeps in and just takes away the lives of the ones you love the most. November 5th is officially a day I will never forget now. You fought cancer and beat it once, but I guess God saw it best to let you rest the second time around. Your battle is now over. All I have of you now are the precious memories that will continue to live on in my heart. You were an example of a fighter, lover, giver, and the epitome of strength and endurance. You always encourage us to never give up and to work for what we want in this life. Because of you I am hopeful. Time is something that is not promised. Although there would have never been any amount of time to prepare us for losing you. Thank you Aunty Laura, because of you I strive to be the best each day. You will always be in my heart. Forever. Your legacy will live on. Accepting death is hard, but brighter days are ahead. #RIP November 5, 2015Love, J.


                                           Taken the day she beat cancer the first time.


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