jacy-aug-shoot-11-august-25-2016Hi, my name is Marikah, Jacy. 

I started ‘blogging’ April 2016 because I love writing and taking pictures. As far as my mind can take me, I always felt safe with a pen and a book by my side. It took me a while, but I decided to come out my comfort zone from writing privately in my books to sharing my thoughts with you on the net. KEEPING UP WITH MJ or KUWMJ aims to inspire + motivate you! This blog is a “freestyle blog,” if you do not know what that means let me go ahead and explain it. My definition of a freestyle blogger is a person who writes about life + style, education, personal/real life issues, things they love, things that inspire them or basically anything that catches their interest.  That’s me! My goal is to reach as many hearts as possible through my writing. I hope you leave feeling more beautiful, inspired and motivated to do whatever you put your mind to do! Remember, beauty lives inside you.

“Blogging is my way of getting my voice heard. My freedom.” – MJ 

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