Born in the beautiful island of Trinidad, but lived in NYC for more than half my life. So I kind of had the best of both worlds. I’m a huge believer of obtaining an education, which is why I’m furthering my education cred’ with my Masters on the way. I started blogging on a whim, when I was at a very low point in my life during a semester off in college and it changed my life. A just for fun + writing + inspiring gig’ has led me to a whole heap of amazing collaborations/partnerships and some sweet blogger friends online. Through blogging I’ve discovered that sharing bits and pieces of my life and sharing my passion for writing has inspired, influenced and encouraged so much people to be their best selves, which is one of my ultimate goals! I’m still in awe of my growth from 2016 blogger, fast forward to now getting paid partnerships with brands I love. I cannot wait to see what’s next because I’m already planning!

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