My Passion Planner.

Bloggers, friends, students, adults, creators, visitors I have a special post review for you about a planner , one of the best PLANNERS ever. It’s called “Passion Planner” and it was made by some pretty awesome people. If you haven’t heard of it before, SLAP YOURSELF! The FOUNDER, CEO and DESIGNER is Angelia Trinidad (you know I love her automatically because of her name being Trinidad & I’m Trinidadian 🙂 ), & she’s so dope to me because this planner is so amazing. It really tends to the needs of EVERYONE. Whether you are a blogger or not, this planner can be of some use to you. So let’s get right into it, shall we?img_5133
I use my passion planner to cater to my blog mostly, but sometimes I cheat on my other planner by putting some of my school stuff in there too! (Shhh don’t snitch on me haha)
My passion planner helps me because it gives me space to go wild with my thoughts and it also encourages me to stay focused and motivated throughout the week/month. Oh, I have the Academic Classic size!img_5130

img_5125img_5124As you can see above, there’s a section dedicated to jotting down what the month’s focus is, what people you want to see, places to go, questions & so much other great features…all so that you remember all the memories you had all month long! If you love taking pictures (like me) this planner caters to that also! Wait for it, it’s coming later down in this post!
So far I am loving this planner. There’s so many sections! I decided to differentiate between the sections by using a post it at the top of the page, so I can get to it faster! See here:FullSizeRender-3.jpg

Okay enough about that, here’s the good stuff. This planner has a section all the way in the back of the book where you can doodle/draw/create anything that you want! I haven’t used that part yet because I have to person some cool colored gel pens, but I cannot wait to do so. I think that’s one of my favorite parts of the book. It leaves space for curiosity, creativity and inspiration + COLOR!img_5127

Here’s a closer look into my planner, the “WEEKLY LAYOUT” page! Mine is so full of color and I hope to keep up with this trend! I also incorporated sticky notes with sayings/scriptures/quotes that I love and want to remember all week! 

My Weekly Layout Page <3


Here are some extra details I missed:The mind-mapping + roadmaps, daily focus, grid+blank pages & back pocket/envelope section (to hold all you keepsakes), not-to-do-lists, folded pages, bookmarks, PRINTABLES & SO MUCH MORE!Extra tips? I got you. Here’s the link to the list of tips: CLICK HERE!
Want to purchase your own? Visit the site & get yours HERE!