So you’re interested in growing organically and building your community? I got you.


1:1 Coaching

You need one-on-one help with understanding social media, creating content (reels, posting), understanding the algorithm, insights and hashtag strategies, growing, engaging etc. This option is for you.

Training session & coaching, i.e Reels

If you need help with creating reels, tips on how to make it work for your niche, business, brand and overall growth, this option is for you.

Account audit & recommendations

You need a profile revamp, a clear understanding of what changes need to be done and how to do so. This includes 4 highlight covers, 5-10 hashtags and tips for success.

Content creation, planning & tips

You need help thinking of content ideas, planning content and you need tips that will help you grow organically.

Account Management

You need someone to run your account fully or part time, this option is for you.

Let’s start building, creating and succeeding now!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a cofounder of small businesses, whether I like it or not, social media is a key factor in gaining visibility to potential customers and establishing a tenacious community for repeat bookings/usage of my businesses’ services and products. So, to support this, I decided to invest in Marikah’s e-book ‘Guide to Growing Your Socials’ for my Online Interior Design business: Via Asha Design (@viaashadesign). I was impressed by Marikah’s “big picture” guides on creating the right valuable content for our audience and how to use Instagram’s tools to support the best times and types of content to post that yielded optimal results. Our Social Media Manager at Via Asha Design has been incorporating Marikah’s pointers for ‘Reels’ which has yielded in thousands of views on our Before and After Reels videos, more followers, and consequently more bookings! – Oyin A (@oyincansoda)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

MJ is amazing at what she does. I encountered her in my explorer feed on Instagram offering secrets for successful Instagram grown and thought, “Couldn’t hurt?”. As I was scrolling her feed, I noticed the vast Reels catalog and couldn’t break away from them, she’s so entertaining and full of knowledge, I decided to give her a try.

I was in the beginner phases of running an Instagram account doing customer outreach for my job and was already several months and events in from having the account live. I had nothing, it was bare bones and beyond that, it was me speaking as the company into the void. There were barely any followers, barely any posts and engagement at zero. I learned quickly how running your own personal account differs greatly from running one for a company that carries a different tone and expectation. I knew nothing of batching content, finding inspiration for content ideas, following the analytics & figuring out engagement trends. For me, MJ is like the secret cheat code to a successful social media outreach presence.

Now, almost a year into the account being live, not only is the account thriving, but the business from the account is also! Much of the success I’m currently having I’m attributing to MJ and the training! She really has a knack for what she does and knowing what she’s talking about. The major takeaway for me is that there’s a warmth and friendliness from her that is encouraging. It’s very scary trying to take on newness in the middle of undergoing a new normal. She’s certainly been consistent and reassuring during all of this. Thank you, MJ! -Ky Toya (officialkytoy)

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