how to get the best photos + must have apps.

So I have gotten a lot of compliments on my photos on instagram (as well as my blog) on how beautiful and clean my photos are, so I decided to write up a quick post to let you guys in on what I use. I guess this can be some ‘Quick Tips & Tricks’ to getting the best photo edits!

1. Good Lighting.
You must have good lighting when taking photos. I’m not an professional photographer, but this advice is very substantial! Without good lighting, your photos are going to be very basic, unimpressive and less lovable! Use natural light aka SUNLIGHT guys! The window is your best friend lol.

2. Backgrounds Matter.
You must choose a nice background. Backgrounds are everything! Majority of the time when you see a great photo, the first thing you notice is the background. Trust me, I know this.
Also, white backgrounds, solid colored backgrounds or backgrounds with art are so dope to me! It gives a cooler look to your photos!

3. Use different Angles.
Switch it up a bit and try something new. Different is good. Angles matter, so why not try flat-lay? That’s a new way to spruce up your feed!

BONUS TIP/ADVICE 4. Get a Polaroid Camera!
Trust me, it’ll change your life.
It’s super FUN! I’m so glad my boyfriend surprised me with one as a “Congratulations on getting my braces off” present!
This is one essential that every girl needs. What’s better than having images instantly, saving memories, while getting a nice clean photo? Nothing!



I decided to share with you guys some of the photo editing apps that I use for my blog and instagram photos. I get questioned so many times by my peers about my photos because it looks so professional, but I tell them it was taken from my iPhone 6 & just edited with the apps I’m about to tell you guys about!

1. VSCO cam (I’m sure the whole world has this app by now!)
2. Snapseed
3. Phonto
4. AfterLight
5. Facetune
6. AColorStory
7. Crop
BONUS: BOOMERANG! (The best & most fun app I’ve ever downloaded!)




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