The Wedding Party Favorites: The Little People.

My little squad

I think we can all agree that majority of the time, the little people get looked over. Future bride to be’s, choose them wisely and give the the attention, love and encouragement they deserve! It was really hard for me to choose (well not so hard haha) because I have so much of my kiddies that I hold near and dear to my heart, however a decision had to be made. Let me INTRODUCE my little squad!

  • FLOWERGIRLS: Mckenzie-Rae (My Mini Me), Kailin (My Babygirl), Makenzie (Duran’s Niece, who’s now my niece :) )
  • FLOWERBOY: Matthias (My Sis/Cousin Son)
  • RINGBEAR: Jai (Me & Duran’s Godson)

Flowergirls, flowerboy and ring bearer. I opt’d out of having a mini bride because I just did not see the need for one. I know a lot of you are wondering…a flower-BOY? Yes. A flowerboy. My little baby Matthias. I had to include him in my wedding somehow, so I decided that the best way was to have him walk down the aisle stunting with the flower girls (and he SHOWED OUT).

I mean, look at this face! The most adorable face. I call him “wild-child” because he’s so energetic. His momma will kill me when she reads this haha. When choosing each child who will be part of your wedding party, keep in mind if you don’t have a relationship with them, they would care less about what’s going on. If they know you, they’re more energetic, happy, excited and will give smiling faces like this for your photos! Key tip. Don’t just choose children to be fillers.

Remember They Are Just Kids…

And we know kids get shy right? My little niece as you can see was very shy, but it is understandable. A big crowd, strange faces, and then being the oldest she was suppose to walk alone so that’s A LOT! PRO TIP: Have practices regularly so that they get more comfortable with throwing the petals out the basket. I had practice with my little squad, but not everyone was able to make it, so that also ties in with the shyness.

My Jai Baby

Ringbearers are important people, probably the second most important! They walk in right before the bride to let everyone know that it is time for the bride to come in. My baby boy jai did such a great job. He was a bit serious because he was focus guys! His mother told me how excited he was to have this job and he took it 100% serious. I love him for that. How fly does he look though?

Their dresses turned out to be so much more beautiful with it on them. I was literally in awe when I saw them.
Dress Details: “Leandra Dress”
Pearl Headbands: Amazon
Pear Flower Baskets: Amazon
Shoes (not seen): I cannot remember, but when I do I’ll fill this in.

The wedding party (minus the parents…that post will come soon).

I loved my entire wedding squad, rather WE loved them all. They all played an important part in our special day. PRO TIP: Choose them wisely. Remember that the little people matter. Show love and appreciation to your squad. And most importantly just have a good time with them throughout your journey and on your wedding day! I hope this post was helpful!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! XO MJ.

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  • Just wow😍😍😍 ‘If they know you, they’re more energetic, happy, excited and will give smiling faces like this for your photos!’ This has really got to me👌. Thank you

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