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Hi guys, welcome back to Keeping Up With MJ! Today’s post is a bit loaded, so grab a snack + drink and let’s get into it, that’s if you’re interested in actually reading (some people love to skim). It’s a great post I promise!

Okay so quick life update if you don’t follow me on instagram, husbae & I are PREGNANT! Yes, we have been blessed to be future parents. It’s honestly an amazing feeling. I never would have imagined being pregnant during a pandemic, however it has been quite satisfying to see my belly go from flat to basketball size in months haha. I do miss seeing everyone, but I did enjoy the facetime calls to share the news. The reactions have been priceless! I’m also pretty excited because my baby will be the first great-grandchild for my maternal grandmother which is an honor!

The love and positivity we have been receiving from friends and family when told the news have been so overwhelming and heartwarming. I’m praying that we have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery! Keep us in your prayers as we venture on this new journey.

FAQs (well some that I remember)

  1. How did you guys find out?
  2. Did you guys plan to have a baby?
  3. Did you get morning sickness?
  4. How did husbae react to the news?
  5. How many months are you?
  6. Are you going to blog about your pregnancy?
  7. Do you have any cravings?
  8. Do you know the gender yet?
  9. Do you have a baby registry?
  10. How do you feel about everything?

So majority of these questions (and more) will be answered in my next youtube video. If you have questions you’ll want me to answer, leave them in the comment section! As for question #6, the answer is YES! I plan to blog about my experiences of being pregnant, the highs and lows. It’s such a complex and exciting topic, I want to be as intentional as possible about what I share with you all. Hopefully I help people who may want to get pregnant in the future!

You can check out our pregnancy reveal video below!

Current Feelings

As of right now, I feel great. I find myself staring at my stomach in the mirror a lot lately and I can’t keep my hands off! It’s crazy. All my photos now are with my hands on my belly, the typical pregnant woman pose I use to laugh at! Besides that, sleeping have been very uncomfortable. My mom bought me a maternity pillow, but that does not seem to help me sleep better every night. Some nights I sleep like a little baby, all cuddled up under my husbae and other nights I’m twitching and turning because I’m either too hot or too cold! The struggle is REAL. I use to sleep on my belly (favorite sleeping position), but now I can’t do that. It’s recommended to sleep on my left side (more recommended) or right side…and that’s not comfortable for me! My jeans don’t fit y’all. Literally ZERO of my jeans can button up. I’ve been wearing dresses majority of the time and pants I have with elastic waistnbands. I hate maternity clothes because it looks so “granny-ish”, but my sister been trying to wheel me into buying them. I told her the only way I’d wear it is if it’s cute and my style!

I started grad school. So far it’s been a challenge remembering to keep it in my schedule, but other than that my classes are cool. Yes, we have been getting homework already. Welcome to adult life! I’m just so excited to be in school again, although I actually hate being in school forreal haha.


Some goals for the month:

  • Create more content for my youtube channel
  • Create my pregnancy section on the blog
  • Read ahead for all my classes
  • Land more brand partnerships (+maternity brands)
  • Read more books (at least 2/3 for the month)
  • Home Decor/Start Baby Shopping Venture

What’s your goals for the month? Leave them in the comments!

What To Expect

What to expect this month? Blessings on blessings from God. And that’s on PERIODDD.

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