They may act like they don’t like you or see you, but they will always remember you. Keep that in mind as you glow & grow.

Be hella choosy about your close company.

Love Undone.

Hello my loves, welcome back! So…great news. Today makes ONE MONTH since my wedding day, #TheMillerLove and I am in disbelief because time has been flying! I decided to just fill you guys in on how it has been going and a few extras. Keep reading, a lot of mushy lovey-dovey stuff ahead. Good luck!…

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Keeping It Fab In A Suit.

[suit-ASOS, bralette-True & Co., bag-Marc Jacobs, shoes-Simmi Shoes, red lip-Anatasia Beverly Hills] The hair is a bonus, bomb braid out! Hello, my loves. So I wrote this blog post 4 days before my wedding and forgot to publish it. I must have been busy multitasking with wedding stuff. However, I’m going to post it as…

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Show Up For Yourself.

  I get inspired to write my posts randomly and today is just what happened. Day after day we wake up and as routines go, we get things done. Whether that’s work, school, taking care of a child, providing for our families, whatever it may be, we get it done. I say this to say,…

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Stand For Something.

Dress details: ASOS, Bag- Topshop Today marks a new month and new months go, we decide that we want a new outlook on how we do things because in our minds we have to change. I cannot lie, this has been my way of thinking too. Nothing is wrong with that, but one thing I…

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How To Take Back Your Peace.

All Photos By  Shenelle Powell  Hello, my loves! Can you believe we passed mid-JULY? Where is time going? I cannot keep up with this fast pace!  Today’s post is about taking back your peace, why you ask? Because it’s yours. Period. As the weeks been passing by, I have noticed that I have not had…

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Loving Yourself: The Importance.

**All images were taken by Duran Andrae. // trousers-zara I previously broke the internet with the news of my upcoming nuptials. *Breathe*. I know you are all still recovering (and if you haven’t read it and see the photos, click here and here and here to see more), but I wanted to share this post today about…

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