the a-z happiness challenge.

Thanks to a blogger friend, I decided to also do the A-Z Happiness Challenge, which I put my own little twist on. I thought it was a great idea and went for it. Here’s what I came up with:

Appreciate yourself first.
Breathe. Take a deep breath and remember there will be brighter days.
Concentrate on your goal. You’re closer than you think!
Dream out loud. Dreams have a way of becoming a reality.
Exercise love and patience, it is key for your happiness!
Face your fears, forget the haters, and fight for what you want.
GROW with GOD.
Help others. By doing this HE (God) will surely bless you.
Increase in knowledge. Happy people are knowledgeable people.
Jump for joy because you are one step closer to being a better person. Jot down things you want to try next in your journal.
Keep Up With Yourself! You have to be in control of your life. Kill people with kindness.
Let go. Live more. Love all.
Motivate others. Make new friends. Make memories!
Never let anyone define your life. Saying “NO” is okay.
Organize your life. Take hold of all your opportunities because you never know when another will come back your way!
Practice being optimistic. There is always some good in every situation.
Quit being a pity party person. You might fall sometimes, but get up and..
Redirect your life. Be Real with yourself. Release all the bad energy.
Support someone else. Make their dreams a reality! Do some good for a change!
Trust yourself enough to know that you are worth it.
Unleash. Uncover. Understand. Unite.
Voice your opinions and make a difference.
Wake up and take a chance. Go for it. Nothing is impossible!
X out those people who are constantly putting you down or those who may be standing in your way of success!
You are the only YOU there is, so be YOU and prosper!
Zeal. Everyone has it. *wink*


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