the little things we forget.

I have realized that there is so many little, yet big things that we should be thankful and grateful for, but neglect it. So many people are not blessed to even have a roof over there heads, yet still we complain about simple things like “Not having plans” or “Being bored at home”. Some people wish that they could utter those words out there mouth. I have compiled some things that we as individuals need to remember and be grateful/thankful for.

Things you should be thankful/grateful for (in general):
1. L I F E. The fact that you are alive and God spared your life to see another day.
2. S H E L T E R. You have a roof over your head, a form of shelter and protection from harm and danger.
3. F O O D on your table. Not many people have food. Imagine the people on the corners or on the trains that you see homeless with no food.
4. Having a J A C K E T. Yes a jacket. My cousin brought awareness to this and it actually hit home. Be happy you have a jacket to keep you warm this autumn/winter season.
5. H E A T. So many people have homes, but no heat to keep them warm. Others have no home at all.
6. F A M I L Y. I cannot stress the importance of being grateful you have a family and support system around you. People die everyday, so be sure to tell them how much you care NOW!
7. E D U C A T I O N. Yes you may still be chasing after that associate, bachelor, or master’s degree, but SO WHAT! You are in school getting educated. SCHOOL IS NOT CHEAP. You know how many people wish they could be in school? Be thankful and block out the haters.
8. A J O B. That job you have been blessed with. Be thankful for it because it gives you the money to take care of yourself and/or others.
9. Your O T H E R  H A L F. Whether it may be a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, husband, wife or close family member…be thankful for them. They give you that extra push each day and that love and attention to keep you going.
10. F A V O R. You may receive so much favor throughout the days, weeks or months. Give thanks for it. Don’t be boastful. Those are little blessings sent from God. Appreciate it.
11. W A T E R to drink, clean water at that. I know you know the details of this, so yeah be very thankful/grateful.
12. G O O D  H E A L T H. Do not take this lightly. So many people are sick and are in bed with illnesses without cures, please count your blessings. This includes mental health also. Good mental health is something many people wish they had. They too suffer tremendously, hoping for a brighter day. Let us remember to be thankful for being 

STOP WORRYING, instead say this “I will give thanks today and everyday I live.”

Things we take for granted, but should be really grateful for:
13. The fact that we have a Television or any other electronic devices.
14. Light/Electricity.
15. Shoes on our feet.
16. Hands, feet, eyes, ears, nose, toes, fingers, a mouth, teeth, a tongue etc.
17. A bed, a couch, chairs, tables etc.

Things to be thankful for (bloggers edition):
18. L O Y A L follower count. Always show that you’re thankful to them for following and keeping up with you.
19. Great S U P P O R T E R S. Do not take them for granted.
20. Y O U R  B L O G. Your own very space to voice your opinions, feelings and thoughts.
21. All your blogging T O O L S and necessities! Ex. cameras, books, photographers, props, light tools, computers, iPads, etc.

The are all things we are blessed with and should be super grateful for. Let’s not only be thankful/grateful on special holidays, but E V E R Y D A Y that we are alive.


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