the art of being unbothered.

This is the art of seriously not giving a crap about what others think, feel or may say about you. Cheers in advance to you for not caring. I think the older I get, the more I have learned to master this art. Not going to lie, I may have slipped probably ONE time..but believe me when I say I have no time to waste anymore. What is the point of worrying about what someone says, especially if they are not saying directly to your face? Why give them the satisfaction of even giving something small as eye contact? Do not.

Time for you to master the art of being UNBOTHERED.

STEP 1: Give yourself a minute to recuperate. Some people are blessed with the art of not caring, while some have to work through it. It takes time to stop caring what someone says or thinks of you, the mere fact is because we as humans overthink everything. Take a minute and recognize that you do not need to please anyone but you.

STEP 2: Ignore. Simple as that. People hate being ignored, you will be surprised how much you can get someone upset/agitated by just ignoring them. Unimportant people do not EVER need your attention.

STEP 3: BLOOM. I say bloom because that is what “WE” are doing daily. We are growing, blossoming, blooming like flowers and literally getting better each day. People do not like to see you succeed, but succeed anyway!
Ladies tell yourself, “Everyday this queen gets better.”
Men tell yourself, “Everyday this king grows stronger.”

STEP 4: Live to please YOU. You won’t always please everyone, it’s impossible. I’m sure our ancestors tried that method and failed terribly. Please yourself. Do things that you think will help you grow as a person because in the end it is your life, not the person who is babbling in your hear. Pep talks are definitely necessary sometimes for days where you may feel down in the gutter, but do not let that stop your GRIND.

STEP 5: Let your actions do the talking for you. Actions speak louder than words. That is all you need to remember. Being unbothered, while getting your goals completed is the greatest solution.



Time to master this art. Stop caring about what people think. Live a life you want to live. You are more than what anyone may say negatively about you. You are way stronger than you think! Once that is understood within yourself, everything else will fall into place. Trust me. Being Unbothered will be your greatest accomplishment yet!
What’s your advice on being unbothered?

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  1. I’m still learning but I’d say being a little selfish sometimes and focusing on myself and not them helps me quite a bit oh and having a general disinterest in many things helps too. You literally can’t be effected if you don’t care but I find myself either caring too much or not at all.
    Interesting post! I really enjoyed it

  2. I have to admit, I need to learn a lot about not caring a bit. I mean, it will definitely be a good thing. I love reading this and hoping I could learn to do this art.

  3. I love this post! It’s the perfect amount of sassy and everyone needs to learn to be a little more selfish x

  4. I totally needed to hear this. I am definitely going to come back to this post on my down days when I’m letting other people get to me. You always know the right words to say. You’re amazing.

    God bless you.

    Charlene McElhinney

  5. “bloom” – both the most important and most difficult part of that entire list!

  6. Loved this post i just need you to preach this to like a million more people please! Haha seriously I really learned from this post and being only 15 there are people who say things that get to me at school but I’m going to master the art of being unbothered 🙂

  7. “Live to please YOU.” YES YES YES As the years go by, I’ve realized that living to please everyone is just living without ever being happy with yourself. One way I don’t let anyone get to me is by not paying attention to them; the only thing people really want is a reaction from you and if you don’t give them that then you’ve won 🙂

    – Sahara

  8. Bookmarking this! This is something I’m really bad at, but I’m so glad you’ve come over it! I just struggle so hard, I mean with people I don’t know very well I’m 100% fine at not caring, but when ‘friends’ are cruel I find it so hard to ignore straight away. I’m great at not caring once I sit back and realise they are not worth my time, but in the initial moments I really struggle – so thank you for such a good advice post I need to re-read this a lot! xx

  9. YES! This is literally what I preach to all my friends all the time!! I’ve definitely mastered the art and totally agree that everyone should! Great post as always! Jess xx

  10. This was such a great post. I love reading posts that not only talk about self-unbotheredness (is that a word? it is now), but also helps people learn how to be unbothered in a way that’s both healthy and helps people learn to be happy. This is the type of thing I expect when I see people chatting about being unbothered and I wish more unbothered content was like it. ❤

    mchi (@mchiouji) |

  11. This was such a good read! I need to seriously takes notes from this because this is still a major thing I’m still working on as I take things to heart way too easily! Thanks so much for this post! x

  12. Loved this! Especially since it’s Anti Bullying week, this will help so many people. This is just a daily reminder that people need to read. Love, Larice

  13. As a kid i was always caring about people and opinions but as I grew up I went through a lot and realised it doesn’t matter what other people say so for me, my junior year of high school is when I gave less of a fuck about what other people say. It just clicked in my mind. Partially because of the reason I say “lettie you’re a queen” over and over again. Literally that works so well haha -L

  14. I love this so much. I definitely feel as I’ve gotten older and grown as a person I relate to this entirely. I’m one of the people who has to work harder at it at times, my initial reaction is to go crazy and get drawn in but now I just pity anyone who tries to judge you or whatever. Life is too short for that stuff! Mel x

  15. Such a good post! Definitely understand what you are talking about. Sometimes people say things which really unnerve me, so next time I will try to use your tips, thanks!


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