jeans jacket lovin’.

dsc00199 Her eyes were so captivating, with just one glance you can get hypnotized. This is how it goes when you look me in the eyes. I tend to have a distinct look that I give people since I was a young child and it has stuck with me all these years. I love it. It is who I am and it is not something that is up in the air to change.

Anywho, let’s talk about this “spur of the moment” shoot I had with Emron Mervin! So this shoot was basically for fun, like all my other shoots. My outfit was very Fall/Autumn-like and I’m pleased with how it came together. I like to layer up in the fall so I did just that. One of my favorite and most comfortable T-shirts is this one. It’s a long white tee, with slits on the side that I paired with some midi-pants from J-Crew, along with a midi-sweater vest. Of course I had to throw on my Doc Martens, because WHY NOT? It completed my who grudgy-look haha. My jeans jacket is very vintagey, so I threw it with this outfit. It all worked. Like I really loved my look. It’s me and I’m so comfortable with experimenting with different outfits and colors!


Can we take a second to really observe the dopeness in this shot though?! #LoveIt





Photo: Emron Mervin
Shoes: Doc Martens
Top: Boo Hoo
Sweater Vest: ZARA
Pants: J Crew
Jeans Jacket: Banana Republic


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