Blog Life + My Favorite Essentials.

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Hello there, thanks for taking the time to read my blog post.

If you’re a new reader, let me fill you in real quick. I’ve been blogging for quite some time now. This year made 5 whole years since I’ve acquired this little space on the internet. I wanted to share this post about the realness behind blogging and my favorite essentials, with the hope it inspires you to get out there and start something you’ve always wanted to. Hopefully, it’s blogging, and you get inspired and just do it!

What is blogging life like?

“Blog life” is not as crazy as you think. Like everything in life, it requires a bit of consistency, dedication, passion for writing and sharing something you love, and an overall drive. Being a person who enjoys writing since I was a child, starting a blog seemed like the perfect fit for me, and using my Sarasa Grand Gel Retractable Pen keeps me always prepped and ready to write down everything.

When getting into the groove of starting a new blog post, I always make sure I have my favorite essentials that keep me organized and focused. I’ll chat about that in my next paragraph. One thing I can say that can be a little tough being a blogger is coming up with new fun titles for blog posts. I know, that should be so easy right? However, for me, I sometimes overthink it and struggle to come up with a catchy blog post title that would grab my readers’ attention! Hopefully, I did a good job with this title, because here you are reading! It must’ve grabbed your attention somehow!

My Favorite Essentials

Okay, so every blogger or writer has a list of things that they must have that get them organized and focused when they sit down to complete a task or blog post. For me, I have a couple of things that are always nearby when I start working on my blog. Do you want to know what they are? Don’t worry…I got you!

Water/Refreshing Drink

Having a beverage on hand is super important for me because I get dehydrated and have a dry throat very easily. When I’m writing I love a refreshing drink and I like to keep it fancy by adding a lemon or some type of fruit. My go-to’s are lemons, strawberries, blueberries and cucumbers. The sweetness of the drink also gives me the energy that I need to keep going!


My notebook allows me to jot down ideas and new content for the future. As a blogger and content creator, planning out posts and staying super organized is number one for me, especially juggling so much throughout the week. I like using a notebook because I prefer writing on paper more than typing on a laptop or computer. Call me “old school” if you want but that is what works for me!

A Reliable Pen: The Sarasa Grand Gel Retractable Pen

My Sarasa Grand Pen from Zebra Pen is always near. This metal gel pen writes super smooth, it’s stylish, easy to grip, and has rapid dry ink (which is a plus because I tend to smudge ink easily sometimes). It is also refillable, and it has just the right amount of weight. You guys know how some pens are super light or super heavy? This one is JUST RIGHT! I also love that it comes only in black ink, because I’m a black ink lover! Only the metal barrels are available in another color.

I Choose Different by using the Sarasa Grand. This affordable but premium pen, made for savvy and confident professionals like myself, has changed the way I work, get inspired, and my overall goal-reaching attitude, all while still complementing my personal style. I use this pen to reach my goals while still maintaining a strong aesthetic. Although we live in a tech-savvy generation, it’s important to physically write while on and off the job.

Check out more information here on how you can Choose Different:

Light snack

Next up is a light snack…I mean, a girl got to eat! I don’t know about you, but I’m a snacker and I’m proud of it! I try to eat a healthy snack when I sit down to write and prep my content, just to have a clear conscience! Do you like healthy snacks, because I’m a chewy bar type of girl.


My laptop is my second notebook. I can use it to research things and find inspiration online. Although I prefer my notebook, having my laptop has saved me numerous times when it comes to finding inspiration for my posts!


I love playing music, especially calm, soothing sounds because it keeps my mind at ease and in tune.

Clean environment

Last but certainly not least, my final essential is maintaining a clean environment. This is #1 for me. I cannot function in a mess, so a clean environment has to be the first thing I make sure I have.

So, there you have it. All my favorite essentials! What are your favorite essentials? If I had to choose, I might go with my Sarasa Grand Gel Retractable Pen and my notebook, because they are the basics for me.

Thank you, Zebra Pen for sponsoring this post!

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