Better Sleep With Bearaby

Guys, my sleep patterns have shifted, yep I admit it. Since my baby girl has arrived, I find myself sleeping later hours than usual. I’m talking wee hours in the a.m. I mean, that’s part of it (I know I know, newborn life). The thing about me though, I was an owl even before baby was conceived, so the late night sleeping don’t affect me as much as it would for my husband. I wanted to find a way to fall asleep faster when I put the baby down, instead of being up scrolling through my socials or texting friends. Bearaby weighted blankets was exactly what I needed to help with my problem.

Have you ever tried sleeping with a weighted blanket before? If no, keep reading (if yes too haha). Weighted blankets benefits the body in three ways: better sleep, feelings of calmness, and less stress.

HOW IT WORKS: Deep touch pressure, serotonin (hormones that stabilizes our mood/feelings) and melatonin (hormone the brain produce in response to darkness aka helps with sleep), and cortisol. I bet you didn’t know that. To be fair, neither did I before I got it.

Here’s My Honest Review…

The weighted blanket I used was the Tree Napper in Almond, weighing 20 lbs. The packaging it came is was 10/10 aesthetically pleasing. The quality of this blanket is amazing 10/10. I used it over my comforter every night for a week and it gave me a cozy and warm feel as mentioned before. In terms of falling asleep faster, it didn’t work instantly like I imagined, but it did help tremendously. I love to feel cozy and cuddly at night so this worked really well for me. I think I could have gotten the 15 lbs instead for a tad bit lighter feel, but the 20 lbs was not bad at all. Sidenote: on the website they have a guide to help you figure out what weight is best for you. What I love about the blanket also is that it kind of comforts to your body, in a really snuggle-like formfitting way and that is truly a plus when it’s a bit chilly in my room! If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, I’d totally recommend this product 8/10, only because I should have went down to 15 lbs.

Check out for more weighted blankets! It comes in sizes for kids as well! xoxo MJ


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