We all have dreams, goals, aspirations and things we hope to accomplish one day,
Sometimes it seems like those dreams won’t ever come true and ultimately just stay a “dream” in our minds…but
Today I realized that dreams are more than just pictures in our minds that we visualize subconsciously or consciously, it’s so much more.
Dreams are made to show us what can someday come to life,
They are like visions of what could be a beautiful future, or a terrible nightmare.
Take it as the before and when you actually go do it it’s the after.
Without dreams how can we aspire to be great?
Greatness does not happen overtime, it requires hard work, patience and a lot of time. 
We have so much more power, so much more gold within us waiting to be found.
Dreams are preparations we set for ourselves
When we dream we develop the courage to keep chasing our goals. Our dreams encourage us to grow and to be more independent. Dreams allow us to spend less time focusing on the negativity that seems to circulate our lives. By dreaming we are hope itself.
Through accomplishing our dreams we have something to share, we inspire others. We also begin to appreciate the experience of failure, knowing that it is just a part of success.
We are all dreamers.

We all have thoughts in our minds that later turn to plans we hope to accomplish.
We all have dreams to become something better than what we are.
We ALL deserve opportunities to do so.
Who are you to ever stand in the way of someone else’s dream?

Keep on dreaming because no one can dim the light that God has over your life.
Don’t ever let fear convince you otherwise.
Dream on young minds and prosper.🦋🦋🦋


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