we are all humans.

Two eyes.
One mouth.
A face.
Arms. Hands. Legs. Feet.
We all have them.
Basic body parts that make up a human being.

Rugged. Dirty. Smelly. Hungry.
I use to shun my face and cover my nose. I couldn’t stand to be in the same cart as a homeless person, but one day it hit me. The biggest reality check I have had in a long time. That homeless man or woman is a human being. No-one knows what they have been through or why they ended up where they are now.

IMAGINE being at your lowest lows…even then you still have a place to lay your head at night.

Finger nails dirty. Imagine having to dig through trash all day for food.
Clothes smelly. Imagine having to use the bathroom, but there is no bathroom.
Holes in shoes or no shoes at all. Imagine your worst worn out shoes, but 10x worse.
Legs swollen (bigger than normal). Imagine not having the opportunity to visit a doctor daily or wounds left untreated.
Teeth rotted or discolored. Imagine no dentist appointments EVER.

They are humans, but are treated worse than animals. It is so unfortunate. It should really bother you when you refuse to give $1 to a person less fortunate. You never know where you might end up. You never know what would happen to you in the future. You will be surprised to know how much of a blessing your dollar did for that person.

I encourage you to think twice before saying no to that “bum”.

Life changing moment:IMG_2961

(True story) Walking home one night I saw everyone passing this homeless man. He didn’t smell bad, but he looked dirty and had on busted shoes and torn clothing. As I proceeded to pass by him he reached out his hands and said “a quarter please, just one quarter?” I said, “I don’t think I have it, but let me check”. I looked in my bag and saw a dollar, so I handed it to him. He said “Thank you so much” and shook my hand (honestly I do not ever touch them and when I give money I do it in a way where they just touch the money only). This was new to me, but I let it rock. He took me by surprise and hugged me and just kept saying “thank you so much, God bless you God bless you” in a almost crying voice. In that moment, imagine my many thoughts! The weirdest seconds of my life, but it changed my views on so much. That feeling of being able to help someone was fulfilling. It made me realize that people are actual PEOPLE. They have feelings just like we do. Helping someone should always be on your “to do” list, not for fame, but for the simple fact that God blesses you to bless others. I make it my business to give, even if it’s my last dollar to someone who just may need it more than I do. -my testimony.

Remember: Do good and good will always come back to you.


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