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Welcome to another blog post here at KUWMJ! So today I decided to write about self-expression. The do’s, the dont’s and the why’s. Stick around it’s going to be an interesting post.

If you’re like me and you are more of a writer than a talker, then you can fully relate to this post. However, if you’re more of a get it all out, loud and proud, #speakyourmindALLDAY…this post may be a bit interesting to you as well. Okay, first things first I am a person who has been writing things in books, blank sheets of paper and even on walls since I was a kid so, you can understand my love for writing and having this blog right now right? Haha. In my opinion, there is a time and a place for everything. As I get older and more mature I see the need for self-expression and the importance of it. Many times I witness people who are afraid to say how they feel, what they like or do not like and basically just speaking up for themselves and to me, that should never be the case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should want to fight everyone who criticizes you or get you upset, but I have learned through many situations that the way you say things matter.

Let’s dig deeper…

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and this world we live in is full of ‘self-righteous know it alls’, but what makes the difference is the type of person you mold yourself into. For me, when someone wronged me or got me really mad I used to; 1. not approach the situation in that moment, 2. ignore the person completely, and 3. get really upset and use up so much unnecessary energy. Honestly, I still find myself slipping sometimes, but the difference between now and back then is that I catch myself early.
Don’t be a person who cannot speak up.
Don’t be a person who cannot use words to express their feelings.
It’s hard to put pride to the side sometimes and ‘nip things in the bud’ in that moment, but if it is time you need…TAKE IT. Make sure within that short time you are getting your thoughts together to then address the situation.

#2 Do not be the guy/or girl who never tells the opposite sex how he/or she feels about them. I’ve had friends in the past who had a crush on a guy but never spoke up because of the FEAR of rejection or embarrassment. Really? If this is you, change that. This is 2018 my loves, the year of taking more risks! It’s weird when you are unsure of how someone feels about you, but grow up. Life is about winning some and losing some. AND honestly, a loss is never really a loss. I repeat, A LOSS IS NEVER REALLY A LOSS. Hear me out. You express yourself to that man/woman then he/or she does not feel the same way. Okay, cool. Sulk over it for like 5 minutes and move on. There are literally more options especially if you’re a DOPE person…should I go on? Because I think y’all catch my drift (get the point).
The lesson here: Shoot for the stars, if you miss..shoot again for one of the planets.

#3 Why express yourself?
I think the question is why not? Why shouldn’t you tell the world who you are? What you believe in? What you stand for? What you like/or dislike? What makes you, you? I’ll wait. (5 seconds tops)
Oh, you got nothing huh? Exactly. Every human being has a brain, which means you formulate thoughts and then you question those thoughts and lastly express those questions because you need answers! Whooo, that was a lot. Unfortunately, self-expression is often tied to self-doubt and insecurity. Two negative things that can make you convince yourself that you do not need to speak out.

Today I encourage you to dismiss all the negative energy and thoughts from around your garden of growing positivity. Like plants need water and sunlight, you need to feed your mind with things and people that will make you grow. You have to take care of yourself. Speaking your truth is great, but not when you have no positive encouragement to keep you going.

Self-expression is how we connect with people. It’s our way of letting someone know a part of who we are. Imagine not being able to speak or hear. Two things to take into account: 1. How fortunate you are and 2. How necessary it is. If you don’t take anything else, just take this; expressing yourself gives you the chance to free your mind and be open. Do not let that opportunity slip you by.

How do you express yourself?

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