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Hello loves and welcome to a new month, APRIL!


So, I am so baffled as to how fast April snuck up on us, but such is life and time. It is going ever so quickly which only means that we have to stay caught up! In today’s post I am focusing on ways WE can protect our energy, because the Lord knows there is so much negativeness (as well as negative people) out there, sometimes clear as day, but other times in disguise. So get comfortable and enjoy this read.

When I think of protecting my energy, what I honestly think of is simply protecting my space, what goes in and out of my ears, and what I allow to influence me. Anyone else agrees? I’m sure I’m not alone on this. This sort of reminds me of those times where your parents tell you to watch who keep as friends because sooner or later you’ll start acting like them or picking up their tendencies? I know I never use to really understand that because I thought I knew what I was doing, but truth be told they had a point. We pick up the energy according to who or what we surround ourselves with.

Okay…picture this…
You listen to someone’s story and that story is depressing, sad, dreary and just filled with a whole lot of problems that you cannot help them with. How do you think you’ll leave that person feeling? And do not sit there and say you’ll be perfectly fine afterward because I have experienced the draining feels after such times. That was not what I wanted around me. That energy from that person, consumed me which is not what we want around us.


Just as we can get unwanted energies around us, the same way it is possible for us to adopt positive ones. It all depends on if we follow these tips:

Put up your guard.

Okay if you’ve been rocking with me, you know that I have written a post previously entitled “Let Your Walls Down”. However, in this case, it is necessary to have your guards up. Let me explain. You have to take control of what you allow to consume your time and space. Stay away from people who are always complaining, people who nag all the time, people who are very angry or violent and lastly people who are just not positive at all. Those people will bring you to a low place you do not want to be.

Surround yourself with power.

When I say “power” I actually mean powerful people, not the show power (although that is my show y’all.) When you have powerful people around you, you tend to adopt that energy that they give off. This is a positive influence you will be allowing for your life. These benefits are endless.

Create a place that encourages calmness.

I’ve heard that some people have “sacred places”, but I encourage you to just have a place in your house where you do not allow any negativity inside. Set your boundaries and stick to it. For me, this place is my bedroom. I try to have so much empowerment in there to always bring up my spirits instead of leaving me in s slump when I’m having a bad day. This place of calmness also is a no complaining zone, no angry zone and a no arguing zone.
Fun fact (well kind of personal): I now understand why my boyfriend would rather have some conversations outside his home, due to sometimes where conversations can lead to arguments (yes we are human, we argue sometimes lol). I totally get it now. He’s just protecting his place of positive energy. This is so important.

Have love in your heart.

Yes, we all think we truly have love in our hearts, but do we really? Love is a powerful protection when it comes to our energy. How you may ask? Let me tell you. WE have to be a living representation of love, wherever we are, wherever we go. We have to stay positive, even when we have the most negative thoughts. Replace the negative thoughts with positivity.

Keep positive affirmations.

For me I like affirmations so this is one of my favs. Honestly, this is another positive tool. When we affirm something, we speak it into existence. When we speak things into existence, we are allowing God to step in and have full control over our lives. The rest is history! Many people don’t really see the need for it, but it is so essential for a prosperous, whole and healthy life. This helps protect our energy in ways beyond you and me. (Below I’ll have a list of affirmations.)

Bonus: Stay balanced.

Let go of the negativity inside you by breathing in and out. By doing this we are cleansing our bodies. We can balance out the negative and positive by reminding ourselves of the reasons why we want to protect our energies from the beginning.
Reasons like: clearer mind, meaningful relationships, calmness in our life, more awareness to say no etc.

Following these simple tips can take us so far. Here are some positive affirmations. Feel free to post this to pinterest!


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