How To Take Back Your Peace.

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Hello, my loves! Can you believe we passed mid-JULY? Where is time going? I cannot keep up with this fast pace! 

Today’s post is about taking back your peace, why you ask? Because it’s yours. Period. As the weeks been passing by, I have noticed that I have not had full control of my peace and that is not good at all. Here’s why. If, God tells me (us) that He will fight for us and that we should hold our peace, why is it that we tend to forget that and replace that peace with worry, fear, distractions, fighting, anger and so on? Think about that. I’ve discovered that it is easier to say “I have a peaceful life” or “I am at peace with what’s going on with me” rather than actually having or being at peace IRL. Saying something and not showing it in your actions are vague and unreal. We need to stop lying to ourselves on a constant basis.

A Few Things You Can Do To Have Peace..

  1. Protect your space (and energy). This is something I have learned from my older sister. She’s constantly reminding us that only you have control over your space, nobody else (unless you so choose to give up that freedom). Practice expressing yourself in a calm manner in fuming situations. Instead of arguing or indulging in something that might disturb your mental health, say “I hear and understand, but right now I need time for myself” or even “Right now is not good for me, maybe we can try again another time”. Simple. And that includes saying NO. Ever since she gave us that tea, I took it and have been drinking it ever since. Best advice.
  2. Relax. I know life is busy, but always remember you are a ‘human being’ not a ‘human doing’. I took that from an affirmation song/podcast I listen to, now every day called “Affirmations for the Grown-Ass Woman” by Toni Jones, Worth Ethic. I advise everyone to download it on iTunes, it’s so good. It helps me stay relaxed and it gives me that motivation I need to stay at ease in the mornings. Do not allow your work life to keep you from living. Take some time to enjoy the sun and surroundings. If there is one thing I do not want my future to be, is just work work work! I promise my future self that I would always give time to self-care, even if it’s simply just having a picnic in the park. Any form of relaxation is a necessity. (To my Caribbean folks, this is especially for you workaholics!)
  3. Do things you want to do. Don’t settle for less. Sometimes that may entail you doing it alone, and that’s totally fine. Nothing is wrong with a little YOU time here or there. I was watching a tv show and they made the statement that it’s okay to do what you want to do, and it is so true. Never let anyone make you feel like it’s selfish. If doing what you want brings you peace, do it and do it now!
  4. Let go. If I have to put this in every blog post I write, then so be it. You got to let go. Marikah, you got to let go. I’m speaking to myself also y’all! Letting go of things we cannot control is the hardest, yet the easiest thing we could ever do. It is a proven fact that holding on to things/baggage/guilt/fear/struggles/hatred/sadness weighs us down, stresses us out, and can even lead to health issues. Is it really worth it? No, ask yourself that question: Is this thing I’m holding on to really worth my GOOD HEALTH? Am I willing to jeopardize myself in ways that can cause me the expense and even my life? Would it be worth it in the end? The answer will always be NO. It’s sad to say this, but everything is not meant to last forever. God allows things to happen to show us what we do not need. Just as He takes away, believe me when I say he’ll add more with tax. 
  5. Don’t sweat the little things. Instead, focus on the things ahead because it will be bigger and better. Every loss is a lesson and every lesson is a gain. Remember that.

So as the days ahead approach, I want you to remember to take control of your peace. A peaceful person is a wise person because they know what battles are worth fighting and what battles should be left to the Lord. Cheers to a peaceful life and a peace of mind. 

Outfit deets: Pleated skirt turned dress from Amazon Fashion , Shoes- Asos, Bag- Topshop/Zara


  • I feel like the hardest for me to put into practice is letting go – While I don’t hold grudges and try not to dwell on the negative, I know that I still hold onto hurt from the past

  • This is so good! I find it hard to just relax and let go and feel like whenever I am not working or doing something then I am just wasting time. Relaxing and letting go is something I need to come to terms with learning to do for myself. Lovely post and you look stunning in your outfit!

  • First of all, your outfit is stunning, your photos are amazing. Where are you shooting? It looks like the West Village/Greenwich. Or Brooklyn? Anyway, if you wanna shoot together, I am game ahah! I don’t focus on the little things anymore nor stress about things i’ve got no control over, waste of time. I do let go and protect my self now. No time for bad vibes.

  • Peace is so valuable. So much that the world will go to the extremes to acquire it. They will pursue money, careers, drugs, sex and the list goes on..With all this effort one thing is for sure, it will never work. That’s because true peace can never be found through doing it the world’s way.

    I can relate to your post. Moving forward in 2020 I’m taking back my peace. There is nothing like a peace of mind. Satan is a thief who after the Word God has sown in your life in an attempt to choke the Word out of you he steals your peace. God never wants us to worry or to fear. Along with the torment they bring emotionally, they affect our physical health as well. I can contest that worry affects your concentration during the day and your sleep at night, and can even make you physically sick. That’s not God’s plan!

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