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Today marks a new month and new months go, we decide that we want a new outlook on how we do things because in our minds we have to change. I cannot lie, this has been my way of thinking too. Nothing is wrong with that, but one thing I have realized is that you do not need a new month to occur in order for you to have these thoughts or mindsets. Anytime is the right time.

Enough about that, today’s post points a finger back at ‘oneself’. What do you stand for? What are you standing on? Why do you stand? Think about those three questions as I prepare to feed your mind and souls.

What do you stand for?

The question every person has been asked, either by someone or by themselves. The saying goes “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. How true is this statement to you? To me this is simple, decide in your heart what you believe in that is right and by any means necessary, stick with it. This can be applied with anything you may face (generally at work, school, home & with family) because often times we are tried and may have to prove that we mean what we say. It is absolutely the worse thing when you are a person who can easily be swayed or “talked out” of something based on the opinion of someone else. I have experienced this type of “swayed-ness” in my personal life and it is agitating after the fact. If you have your mindset on something that you truly believe in to be right, after weighing your options, then my advice to you is to stick with it. Do not back down. Sometimes standing for something means you may have to STAND ALONE. Standing for something is only the first step in taking ownership of your individuality. Next comes what you are standing on, then why you stand period.

What are you standing on?

The Jesus in me is screaming out “I’m standing on solid ground”, but not everyone may truly understand that concept. So you establish what you stand for, but if you don’t know what you’re standing on…are you truly in a steady/solid place in your life? We can be the best advocates and the most eloquent speakers for ourself, however, if we do not have a place that is not toxic, not negative, or comfortable we may not be standing in the right place. Sometimes where you are, plays a big role in the outcome of decisions you make. We may not always understand how bad a place was for us until we leave. That’s where the leap of faith comes in. This is where the leap of taking your stance for whatever you believe in (what you stand for) triumphs and you understand that you have to get to where you need to be standing. So again…what are you standing on? Are you standing in the right place?

Why do you stand?

Some people are lazy and would rather stay sitting. That’s cool, but how long will you stay sitting in your self-pity, low confidence, faithlessness, hurt, worry, fear, troubles, anger? You have to get up. Stand up today, don’t wait. We are the only ones that are stopping ourselves from prospering. If we do not have an understanding as to why we need to stand up for US/YOU, then the cause is pointless. We have to understand that what we stand for and what we stand on is our reason for standing. Standing up for principles and having standards for ourselves isn’t a crime. I stand for myself because I am worth it. What’s your reason?

I hope this post encouraged you to always stand for something because life is too short to be a pushover love.

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