Wedding Subscription Box Every Bride Needs.

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Happy September my loves! New month, new vibes & new goals to crush!

I am back with another post and I cannot keep calm because MY WEDDING IS THIS MONTH! I promised to keep you guys in the loop as far as my wedding planning goes, but it has been crazy! I’ll tell you why later in this post, however, stay tuned to hear about my Miss to Mrs. box and why you should get your future bride to be one! And if you missed my previous wedding post click here to read up & view pics from my shoot!

So I got sent a Miss to Mrs. box, which is a wedding planning subscription box for brides. It’s the size of a shoe box. Just imagine getting a pair of shoes you ordered in the mail…but better! It contains things that every bride will need before and the day of her wedding. I would never promote something I do not love, so trust me it’s worth it. I only wish I knew about this earlier because I would’ve subscribed to get one every month! So bride to be’s, I recommend you do so early in the game. This box also gives brides something to look forward to in the mail haha. Every girl loves coming home to a package filled with goodies, am I right or am I right? 

What’s inside?

Okay, the best part. What’s inside are 7 goodies. What I got was a giant ring balloon, “all that sparkles” jewelry wipes, “let’s plan this” notepad, deluxe diamond pens, 18k gold plated necklace, bride to be floral tumbler, and wedding-themed paper clips. As you can tell some are essential things for planning a wedding and some are goodies to make the bride feel like a BRIDE! People do not tell you this, but you start actually feeling like a “bride” when a little after the engagement session. For me, it was when I started getting bride things, like this box, engagement shoot, lingerie, Miss to Mrs. mug etc. We like to feel pampered up until our big day. I mean why not? This is a BIG life-changing moment for us. So keep that in mind.

What’s my favorite item?

My favorite item is definitely the bride to be floral tumbler AND the giant ring balloon. I know I know, couldn’t just choose one. I sport my tumbler everywhere, either with water or tea. It’s super cute and brings out my girly side. The giant ring balloon, (even though it’s not blown up) could be used for your bachelorette party, engagement shoot or on the day of the wedding for your photos! I’m using mine for the day of my wedding, in the hotel…maybe! 

Wedding woes?

Nope, I have none….that was a big lie! I have a few wedding woes, but I’m going to save it ALL for my next post! Nothing crazy like second thoughts or anything, but some advice to future brides. It’ll be my “tell all” post. Make sure you’re subscribed to my blog so you’ll get the updates!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.

**Disclaimer: The post is in collaboration/partnership with Miss To Mrs. Box. I was not paid for this post. All the words are mine and my opinion only.


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