The Perfect SHELFIE + Staying Organized.

Hey, my loves! I hope you are having a great week so far! If you aren’t I hope this post makes you feel a little better. 

Today I wanted to show you guys my bathroom SHELFIE and why it’s important to have good skincare products in there, but before I jump in discussing that topic, I wanted to just give you a little bit of inspiration/motivation to take you throughout the week!

The importance of organization

So, let’s be real about staying organized because most of us say we are, but in reality, we are not. That doesn’t mean we are bad people, it just means we need to get our priorities in order so that we can up our organizational skills. I’m a person who loves order (as previously stated in my last post HERE), so this post means a lot to me. Here are some reasons why staying organized will benefit you:

  • Encourages you to be focused.
  • It allows you to set and achieve your goals.
  • Increasing your productivity throughout your day (& life).
  • Increased brainpower & expansion of your creative juices.
  • Freedom from a chaotic lifestyle.

If you don’t believe me, try organizing little bits and pieces of your life and watch how it will all come into play. I can attest to when one part of my life is in a worldwide of crazy, it fully affects the other parts of my life. Everything has to be sorted out. You know that saying, “Every action has a reaction”? Indeed it does. Some helpful tips:

  • Declutter your life. (relationships, friendships, work)
  • Declutter your bedroom.
  • Declutter your closet.
  • Jot down your ideas in your notes, notepads, notebooks, or journals.
  • Be efficient and work hard to change your lifestyle.
  • Read books that can help encourage + motivate you to do better.
  • Buy storage units for your clothing, shoes, books, etc.
  • Make sure your home feels like a home…a clean one!

Okay, now to the good stuff, MY SHELFIE.

I have always wanted to share my beauty products on my bathroom shelf, so since I moved into my new apartment with my husband I took the opportunity to do so. Here is my #shelfie, filled with SOME of my beauty/skincare products. I’ll attempt to list the brands here for you. The importance of having a perfect selfie is so that we, as woman can get to our skincare products really easily! We all know how hard it is to trust certain brands already when it comes to our skin, so being able to actually reach into our cabinets and get our products with no hassle is a GO GO! Tell me what you think of my shelfie in the comment section!

Product details:

  • Top shelf (left & middle)– Generation Clay Purifying Clay Mask + Purify Illuminate Refine Mask, Ouai leave-in conditioner + face scrub, Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, Farmacy Facial Cleanser, Red Earth Beauty Hydrate Cream, Red Earth Beauty Water Cream, Lancome Fix it Forget it Setting Spray
  • Second shelf (left & middle)– Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser + Polypeptide Cream + Sunscreen + Face Cream, Fresh beauty soy facial cleanser + face mask, Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam, Glossier Body Wash, Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleanser, My personalized facial oil, Glossier skin tint, Flesh beauty illuminizing primer, Glow Recipe watermelon glow pink juice, Red Earth’s deep dive water essence, Red Earth serum, Mamonde hydrating beauty water
  • Third shelf (left & middle)– Mario Badescu facial spray + seaweed night cream + cucumber tonic mask + healing & soothing mask, Red earth beauty happy pills mask, Glossier’s milky oil makeup remover + milky jelly cleanser + soothing facial mist + futuredew + priming moisturizer in rich + bubblewrap
  • Top shelf (right)– Lumiere prep + protector spray, Elf face brush, EmerginC vitality mask, Belif the true cream
  • Second shelf (right)– Beauty Bio the balance cleanser, Flamingo body lotion, Ole Henriksen truth serum, Red earth beauty serum + Coconut clay mask
  • Third shelf (right)– Red Earth Beauty hydrate nourishing lotion, Supergoop defense refresh setting spray with SPF 50 + Unseen sunscreen SPF 40 + Everyday moisturizer superscreen

What’s crazy y’all is that I still have more products + my MAKEUP PRODUCTS! Pray for my husbae, because he might get overwhelmed and throw away my stuff hahaha. Next time I’ll share with you guys my favorite makeup products! Be sure to use my glossier rep link for 10% off if you choose to purchase any of the glossier stuff mentioned!

Thanks for stopping by guys! xoxo MJ.


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