Green Ruffles + GWTF.

Photos by Duran Andrae. (Edited by me)

Hello my loves! I hope you are having a beautiful week so far.

Welcome back! To my new friends, thanks for stopping by. You won’t regret this read. Today’s post is a style post, but as you know my style posts comes with some “juice” aka words of encouragement to sustain us as we go! To the people in the back who haven’t guessed what “GWTF” stands for…it’s “GOING WITH THE FLOW“. Catchy right? I thought I’d pick your brains a bit with that title. Okay, let’s jump right in!

Why GWTF is so important?

I know you hear it a lot, but for me going with the flow isn’t easy as it sounds. I’m a critical person, who’s very organized and particular, so going with the flow sometimes can be super difficult. Some may say these are attributes of a Capricon (I don’t fully believe in zodiac signs, but yeah), so ‘enter with caution’! Okay yes, that’s literally me but a girl can change. When approaching life situations where things may get a bit unpredictable, I have come up with some ways to GWTF. Here’s my tips:

  • Relax and just let it happen. Sometimes the best outcomes come when we let go and let God take over (or if you don’t believe in God- let go & let things flow).
  • Think positively vs negatively. Why, because optimistic people get further in life. Period.
  • Self-talk: Reassure yourself that it is not the end of the world. Yes, you messed up or failed this time, but you’ll get it right next time tiger!
  • Be bold, be brave, be confident. Honestly, I can stop with this one only because these three things are the key to be a GO GETTER, A BOSS, AND A ‘GO WITH THE FLOW-ER‘. Yep, I made that up and I’m standing by it!


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