i got a feeling.

It’s up to you on how you cope with something that is completely out of your control.
You are a beautiful plant seed, if you don’t care for, nurture, and nourish yourself you will never blossom.
Don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is.
It’s not the complexion of your skin, it’s the inner soul of you,
Do not let the dogs under the house get to you,
Remember how they got there, remember who put them there.
Never forget dogs take command, and you are no dog.
Let your smile tell your story.
The ball will not always be in your court, but if you miss a hoop it’s okay to try again.
Figure it out, figure out how to stay positive
Take some time, breathe.
All we ever needed was hope, hope that one day things will get better in our lives.
Never stop believing in you, in your dreams.
Fall sometimes.
Understand what rock bottom feels like so when you get to be sky high,
You can actually take advantage of that feeling.
Love you and everything about you.
Many possibilities exist, all right in front of you if you only challenge
Be honest.
Even when nobody notices because what good is it to you to be glorified every single time?
Nobody really understands the concept of being truly humble,
One day though, one day the biggest reward will be in full affect.
Be patient.
Do not allow pride to overcloud your soul, fight the urge.
Rise above it all.
Walk upright, never let anyone see you fall.
Embracing the very thing people made fun of you for,
Smiling in the faces of the unjust.
Little did they know that something beautiful was being harvested while they were busy laughing at your “different-ness”
Goodbye to the hate, hello to the love.
Finishing in first place never felt so rewarding,
No better feeling than that.

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