scentbird: “moschino pink bouquet”.

Hey guys, have you heard about scentbird? Well today is your lucky day because this post is going to tell you everything you need to know about this product!


Scentbird sent me this perfume to review, in return for my honest opinion on their product!

Scentbird is a subscription service for perfumes (& colognes), where you get to choose any perfume that you want every month, once a month for just $14.95! Scentbird has all the top designer perfumes that you’ve always wanted to try, so if you were thinking of buying your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend whoever it may be…scentbird is the way to go!


What perfume did I choose?
Well, I’ve always wanted to try the perfume called “Moschino Pink Bouquet” so that’s what my review will be about! This perfume will bring out the girly side in every female! It has a mixture of scents from fruity raspberry/pineapple to a more floral scent. It’s so refreshing and it will make you want to spray it on all of your clothing items! Honestly you’ll feel like a million bucks wearing this perfume! The amounts of compliments I’ve received are endless!


As mentioned before, the price is really cheap and reasonable. Only $14.95 and right now if you subscribe you get your second perfume FREE! Yes, free! So don’t let this offer slip away guys.

1. Shipping is really fast!
2. The packaging is really cute & the size fits in all of my bags!
3. Your scent will be known by everyone everywhere!
4. With your subscription you get a new one of your choice every month!

If you’re a “heavy-sprayer” there’s a slim chance that you might finish your bottle before the month is up!

If you’re wanting to try some new fragrances this year, definitely check them out. I highly recommend purchasing your own bottle so you can experience the feeling that I have right now. It seriously doesn’t get better than this. You will be extremely pleased with whatever scent you decide to go with. I hope I’ve tackled all the questions or concerns you may have had about scentbird. You can find their website here!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask under this post!

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. Everything stated above is my own opinion. SCENTBIRD did not pay me to say any of it, it’s all my own feelings and opinions on this product!


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