17 things to tell yourself everyday.

Everyday we wake up is a blessing and I hope we as human beings realize that. So many people did not get the chance to open their eyes, take another breath, see a family member or loved one, so if we are granted that blessing then our attitude should be different. As I did in one of my previous posts, 23 Reasons To Love Yourself, I’ll be giving you reasons why it’s okay to motivate yourself.
Here are 17 things to tell remind yourself of on a daily basis.

1. Today will be a better day than yesterday.
2. You’re blessed.
3. What you been through does not make you a bad person. It made you stronger.
4. You mean the world to someone.
5. It’s okay to mess up, but don’t ever give up.
6. You’re not ever alone. No matter what.
7. Be grateful and thankful for what you have.
8. Everyone has flaws.
9. Other people’s opinions are not your reality.
10. It’s okay to move on.
11. You don’t need someone in your life who only causes you pain.
12. It’s okay to cry sometimes.
13. You’re not the person you use to be. You’re better.
14. Brighter days are ahead.
15. Fear is only in your mind. You can conquer anything.
16. It’s okay to forgive.
17. You’re doing a great job. Even if no one compliments you.

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68 thoughts on “17 things to tell yourself everyday.

  1. This was such an inspiring, insightful read. Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with us. I needed to hear these things and will continue to remind myself of them.

  2. Awe I love this so much! Everyone needs to remind themselves of their goodness. We tend to be our own worst critic so I love that you shared this. Let’s all be kinder to ourselves <3

  3. This is such a wonderful post idea. It’s like people need to have it written out and pop it in their back pocket for those days when they may be feeling a little less than hopeful. Thank you for sharing love xx

  4. Lovely post. From 1st Oct I’m actually dedicating every single day to a good deed for 100 days so will definitely come back and re-read this one!

    If you fancied getting involved and spreading some love with me then you can read about it here… http://www.thelifedegree.com/how-you-can-make-it-not-such-a-bad-day/ – “Everyday we wake up is a blessing” is the perfect way to sum up why I started this campaign!

    Keep writing x x

  5. I love number 17, that’s a great thing to remember but all of these are. On the note of being blessed as well I’ve had this phrase in my head ‘too blessed to be stressed’ and it’s funny but also kind of true, considering most of the problems in a lot of people’s lives are just very first world in the grand scheme.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  6. Hi..you write really good and it motivates me 💕 thank you for this post ❤️ I also have a blog at wordpress. iammerrylann.wordpress.com hope you could check it out. 💕

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