get to know me challenge; the a-z of MJ

The Get To Know Me Challenge is basically to let you guys know a bit more about me, my likes, dislikes, inspirations as well as my aspirations. My blog is about “Digging a little deeper,” so let’s do just that!

A– Art. I’ve grown to love and appreciate art so much more this year it’s crazy.

B– Beliefs. I believe in God and that he created me (all things), not evolution.
BONUS+B: I had BRACES. Cheers to that!! #PerfectTeeth

C– Cupcakes. I bake them. I started a mini business, “Cupcakes By MJ” in 2013 (I think) which I’ve neglected but soon will start back at it.
If you want to see more, here’s the link to my cupcake page click here!

D– Dreamer. I have a dream to one day become a teacher, better than all the ones I’ve ever had.

E– Emotional. I can get pretty emotional and it’s crazy because nobody ever thinks I am lol. I’m still a thug though.

F– Fighter. I chose fighter because I’ve always been a fighter, both with my fists and words, but what I’ve came to realize is that there is certain battles worth fighting and some just aren’t. Fight for what you believe in 100%, but physical fights solve literally nothing in the end.

G– Girlfriend. Haha, yes I’m a girlfriend. I have the best boyfriend any girl could ever ask for in the whole world!

H– Haters. I got a lot of them, but you know what they say, “Your haters are your motivatiors!” Haha. On a serious note though, the haters don’t phase me, because I just know this… “they hate me because they ain’t me!”
BONUS+H:Hoarder. Yes I’m guilty of being a hoarder guys. I collect so much phone cases, notebooks, journals, and stationery it’s crazy. If it’s cute I have to have it!

I– Ice cream, because who does not like ice cream (except my boyfriend)? Lol. Chocolate, vanilla (yes vanilla), and that caramel flavor “dulche de leech” from Haagen Daaz are my favs!

J– Jacy. That’s my middle name, hence where the J in “MJ” came from.
Fun fact: I never liked my first name when I was a kid, to the point where I’d cry if anyone called me by it…so I made everyone call me Jacy. Lol. It’s pretty boss move of me, don’t you think? lol. Now I like both names equally and majority of my family still don’t know Jacy is my middle name!

K– Can I substitute K for C in Creative? “Kreative” lol. I enjoy being creative. Making new cute things are what I’m known for!

L– Love & Basketball is literally my movie! I love it so much, maybe because I’m a sucker for love, lol. I lost count on the amount of times I’ve watched it, but I’d definitely watch it again anytime!

M– Morning Person…yeah I’m not one of those people. My attitude is on 1000% when someone wakes me up for foolish reasons or put the light on while I’m asleep. OMG, Pet Peeves y’all!

N– Neat FREAK. I cannot be in any gross/or dirty environment, seriously CANNOT. This is just the way I am. Everything has to be neat and fixed and clean and smelling good!

O– Online shopper. I’m so over going to stores, just to be disappointed that they don’t have what I want. I stick to online shopping, it’s quick, convenient and super easy.
BONUS+O: I have to mention my show “Once Upon A Time”! Fairytale-love inspired show that just has me on the edge of my couch every episode!
Romance + adventure= greatness.

P– Pictures, I think it’s in my top 5 favorite things to do! The history of that is this; I don’t have a picture of myself as a baby so now to not ever let a memory slip away I document it with a photo. Taking pictures and having them means so much to me. I love to sit and look back at my collection to reminisce on past events and special memories!dsc00014

Q– Quantico. Can we just give it up for Alex one time?! Season 2 has started guys, don’t forget to tune in because it got juicier! So happy I found this show!

R– Real. I’m that one friend you have that will keep it super real with you always, sometimes I’m even too real that they can’t handle it!

S– Style. I guess you can say my style was founded by my sisters and aunts, however it has evolved into my own thing. I like to wear unusual outfits and it’s crazy because it turns out to look so dope! Setting new trends are always fun.

T– The Game & Sister Sister. Two shows that will always always always be my faves. I was so obsessed with The Game when Tia was on it as “Melony”. Her and Derwin were the couple everyone wanted to get together in real life! Sister sister will forever be a classic.
BONUS+T: THE WOOD. If you haven’t watched that movie yet, check it out! I loveeeee it so much!

U– Urban Outfitters, because why not? It’s one of my favorite stores. That store just gets me.

V– Vain. Can’t lie I’m guilty of being a little vain. Always looking in the mirror trying to fix my hair or makeup lol. Just a TAD.

W– Wonder Wheel. I’m afraid of heights, sometimes…okay majority of the times, BUT one day I want to go on the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island (A theme park in NYC.)

X– XTRA the “E” is silent and invisible guys lol. I can be a bit extra, but that’s part of what makes people love me! hahaha

Y– Yellow. My favorite color!! Also since we are talking all things yellow, sunflowers are my absolute favorite! 🙂

Z– Zeal, because I know with great effort I’ll be successful in the future.

Well guys, that’s a wrap!
Hope you enjoyed getting to know the girl behind the blog a little better!
Peace & love to you all. xxx
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