celebrate the small successes.

As I get older…

I begin to realize the importance of giving myself credit for the little things I accomplish. Just a FYI: Not everyone is going to be happy for you or will keep rooting for your success, so you have to be your biggest fan! A couple months ago, I got my driver’s permit. As little as that seemed to some, for me that was a huge accomplishment. I always feared getting behind the wheel so I did not see the need to rush to get my permit, hence the timing. I have always been a person to move on my on beat, so I didn’t care when people questioned me about it. I was quite comfortable with taking the MTA because it always goes my way, but one day I decided to just go for it. Honestly it’s always the times I actually just DO SOMETHING when I feel the happiest. I did it and passed. Now I’m bugging everyone to take me driving because I want to get my license asap. This was one of my “small successes” that I am super proud of.
My advice today is to celebrate the small successes, no matter how small it seems it is still an accomplishment. You worked hard, you deserve to give yourself credit.

You learned to ride a bike?
You climbed to the top of hill?
You passed that test that you studied your butt off for?
You finished that marathon?
You faced one of your fears?
You spoke up for yourself?
You got the new job position?
You did your lesson plan really well? (PERSONAL SUCCESS 🙂 )
You did something you never did before?
You woke up early?

What I do not understand is why people feel the need to downplay your accomplishments or hate on your success. Every success starts as a “set goal”. The world would be a better place if people encouraged one another and showed more love. I know everyone has experienced at least one person who made them feel like they have not done anything worth celebrating, but listen to this: THEY DO NOT MATTER.
100% OF THE TIME…that person who is hating on your success are doing nothing with their lives.

DO ignore them.
DO continue to bask in your successes, always.
DO keep on moving upwards while they stay stagnant.
DO NOT make them ever feel like their words affect your life.
I learned that the best way to beat a hater is to just keep growing & glowing. Nothing hurts them more.img_3379They see that you did something you were afraid of and that’ll encourage them to go out there and do it too. Someone is always watching.

Uplift and encourage others is my motto. No hate zone.
Keep celebrating and keep winning!


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