“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.” – MLK, Jr.

When you think of the word confident, what comes to mind? For me, I think of the words bravery, courage, fierce, and being positive. Growing up we are encouraged to be confident in everything that we do. We are made to believe if we are not confident our self-esteem will be lower than the ground beneath our feet. Well reality check, this is the truth! If you have been taught this, you have been taught right. 

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What if I am not confident?
Listen, to be confident you first have to believe in yourself. I remember when a time in my life where I lacked confidence simply because I was fearful of something or simply because I did not believe I could. BELIEVING in yourself is so important. I can attest now in this moment that when I believe in myself, that pushes me then to motivate myself and lastly to have confidence in who I am as a person ultimately. I see so many people with that lack of drive, that lack of being confident in themselves that it made me share this post.

God says, nothing is too hard for HIM. If nothing is too hard for God, it’s not hard for us. If you are aspiring to be like him then your belief system should also reflect that. That includes believing in yourself.

How can I be more confident?
1. Believe in yourself.
2. Work hard at what you do and work harder to be better.
3. Cancel fear out.
4. Talk to yourself. Motivate yourself on those tough days where you feel like giving up or those days where you feel you can’t do it.

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Tip: Make some self-affirmations that will get you through the day/week/month/year feeling more confident in yourself.

  • I will think more positively.
  • I will learn from my mistake, understand it’s OKAY to make mistakes and do better next time.
  • I will kill out the negative thoughts, move away from negative people, and surround myself with people who have growth mindsets.
  • I will practice in the mirror, study all night and ace that test/job/speech etc.
  • I will face my fears once and for all. 
  • I will focus onward and not backward.

I’m confident that this year and next year I will be successful + prosperous. Sometimes you have to claim your blessings in advance. – Marikah.

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