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IMG_5280I love posts like this (although it’s a cliché post) because I’m always happy and excited to see what new goals are being set in place and how people plan to reach those goals. For me I make my goals based off what needs improvement and something new that I can try to accomplish. Here are a few things I’m working towards… Blog Goals vs. Life Goals…


Although I’m satisfied with my follower count, I still want to reach more people I have not come into contact with from all over the world. I want to grow my following also because I’m really passionate about my writing and I know it can help so many people.

Every year I start off really organized and as the months go by I get lazy and I fall off. I plan to keep a schedule of posts and keep my content flowing.

The blogging community is large, so why not make new friends and form new blogger relationships? That’s my goal, to be more in tune with the blogging community, participate more in twitter chats and be more engaged.


My boyfriend has been on me about getting fit and my rebottle has been “I’m skinny”, but little did I know skinny and fit has two meanings honey! I have decided to join my local gym and start my journey to fitness because fitness and health go hand in hand!

I’m working towards becoming a certified teacher, so my greatest goal is to study hard and pass all my certification tests y’all. I need to stay focused and stay organized with a schedule of study dates while joggling working. Pray for your girl and keep me encouraged!

I say this a lot and this year I started off strong with my savings, but I fell off hard. Financially I’m not dead dead, but coming out of college I have to be on top of my savings game going into adulthood. We take this for granted, but we must be grounded with this now, rather than later because bad habits die hard.

This is a luxury that is not impossible to achieve. Traveling can consist of road trips as well as plane rides. My goal is to do more outside of New York next year and live a little. I always admire how people are able to just go for it in terms of going places that people “feel” like they cannot afford, but little do I know they planned and saved. This is something I know I can do, so it is set in motion. Time to put my planners to more use!

I’m trying to be more risky and spontaneous. Life is all about the unknown so why not take a chance? I want to let go of fears and all the other baggage and just do more things that make me happy. You should too!



click the image for free prints!
Do you have any blog goals or life goals? List them in the comments below! I’d love to read them.

13 replies on “2018 goals + free printables.

  1. Good luck with your goals for 2018, they seem totally smashable. I hope to be debt free next year and I’d like to meet new bloggers and travel as well. Cheers to the new year!

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