what’s next?

Humans have a tendency of wanting to know what’s going on, ALL THE TIME! Like 24/7, no breaks, no heads up, no chill, no nothing its bananas.
That’s cool, but give me a break. Please.

[Real. Raw. Respect.]

01. Real.


I am a new college graduate, which means I’m supposed to have my life figured out already, 10,000 job offers on the table or a secured job stacked away, a family, a house, a baby, a glow of success, money stashed, ideas planned, a life plan, health insurance, life insurance, happiness, no fears, no doubts, and most importantly ANSWERS to everyone’s questions on MY LIFE 🙂. Sounds familiar? Is that real enough for ya? I hope it was because I was being super sarcastic. Keeping it 1000% REAL, we do not like being asked: “WHAT’S NEXT?” It literally grinds our gears. What’s real is that sometimes we do not have all the answers you are looking for and to be honest THAT’S OKAY.

Can we recuperate from this HUGE accomplishment?
I mean we literally just walked across the stage and collected our diplomas. We did not expect to be bombarded with questions as soon as we stepped off the stage. WOW. Can we breathe?

02. Raw.


Let people underestimate you. To be honest, you should be honored when someone underestimates you because you are now in control! I read somewhere once that “Being underestimated is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have. Embrace it.” How deep and true is that statement? You have the upper hand because 1. you know exactly what you are capable of doing and 2. you can take advantage of that opportunity and take over the world!

Prove people wrong. Here’s my story that I rarely discuss: When I began my education program, my advisor for the department was not supportive of me. She did not think I could have the “perfect grades” and maintain those grades throughout the program all because of the previous semester (while I was still a math major), I got my first F in a course (which brought my whole GPA down). My first feelings were to report her, then to say some stuff that would be out of character but instead, the chair-person got involved. He was very supportive and gave me all the encouragement I needed. He looked at all my previous grades, not just the one F I received previously and knew I was a smart girl with a bright future. He told her to sign me up for the courses and give me a chance. Let’s say I got all A’s that semester! And proved her wrong. I continued to prove her wrong every semester after that. As an education major you cannot have a GPA under a 3.5 or else you would get kicked out the program however, I managed to sustain that GPA throughout everything.
Fun fact: I became super close with her to the point where my last semester she gave me so much well wishes and told me I would be a great teacher in the future. Isn’t life crazy? You never know what the outcome will be.

03. Respect.


Let me respect the process. Understand that people will not always believe in you. They would say whatever it takes to break you and make you feel lesser than you are. I can recall situations in college where some of my professors were not encouraging at all and others who were just so inspiring and wanted me to succeed. Those are the types of qualities I looked for in my teachers and the qualities I aspire to have in my classroom in the future.

As a young adult it is prevalent to develop an attitude that when others see you, they know you have a purpose. It is in those craziest moments of your life where you have to show people who you really are, by maintaining a good attitude and a positive spirit. Don’t let people make you sweat, instead make them sweat by your abilities, qualities, smile, personality and overall lifestyle…regardless of how cruel they are. It’s not always easy, but it’s always a satisfying feeling in the end. This is something I truly hope to adopt in every single situation, where it will become the norm for me!

SOOO WHAT’S NEXT? Life. New Beginnings. & God leading the way!


All photos were taken by Duran M, @DuranAndrae (on IG).

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.


  • I completely get this post! I’ve just finished university and all anyone keeps doing is asking me what I plan on doing next and basically making me feel horrible for not jumping straight into a job or self employment. After the hell of the last few years, I think I deserve a few months break to relax and recuperate! Also your blog photos are absolutely gorgeous!! 😍 xx

    Jade | jademarie.co.uk

  • Congratulations on your graduation!! I know what you mean there are so many expectations for when you finish uni that you have to have everything sorted but it takes time!! You’ll get there, also loved your outfit! X

  • CONGRATULATIONS on graduating from college! Hey, all of these things are definitely not required right after college. It takes time to figure things out and it’s ok. I know that feeling of getting an F. It’s great that you proved her wrong! Keep on being a rockstar. Wishing you the best!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  • First of all congrats hun!! Well done 😀 Second,OMGGG!! Boy does this post speak to me, people are SUPER annoying! Like what is the trend with the pressuring questions for us and trying to make us feel like we didn’t just pass a MEGA milestone that many have difficulty doing or don’t get the chance to??..Like give us a break! Furthermore most of the time the people asking are the head ones who don’t have it figured out and just trynna be nosy. I wish more people would learn to respect grads from all levels and just give them some space! Great post hun! <3

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

  • Congratulations on graduating and proving your supervisor wrong! I agree with your statement about allowing people to underestimate you because only you and you only know and understand your capabilities. Great post MJ! All the best for your future X

    MJ x

  • I enjoyed reading this so much. First of all, you look absolutely gorgeous and congrats on graduating! Secondly, I totally get how frustrating it is when you are bombarded with questions of what next as soon as you graduate haha, I guess people expect us to have it all figured it out! xx

  • Ahhhhh a HUGE congratulations on graduating hun! So much happens in the few short years you are at uni – you change so much without even realising it! Your outfit is stunning here btw! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!


  • Congratulations!!! 🎉 how exciting! I didn’t finish college so I live life being overly excited for those who do. Your blog photos are awesome btw.

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