25 Positive Affirmations to Oneself.

Inspired by Alex Elle’s #1AffirmationADay


Take one or two or three and go for the day! Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself…

Today I affirm:

  1. I am not finished growing yet and I cannot beat myself up for things that I have not yet accomplished.
  2. I require love + care, just as plants need water + sunlight to grow.
  3. I am not a robot. I feel, I make mistakes, I hurt, I grow.
  4. I will not compare nor contrast myself or parts of myself to anyone.
  5. Not everything seen on social media is true, the grass isn’t always greener, so don’t be fooled.
  6. I am filled with unmatchless potential, power and perseverance to accomplish anything.
  7. God allows certain things to happen to teach me lessons and to see if I will still stay strong.
  8. The only person you should seek validation from is yourself and God.
  9. YOU ARE ENOUGH. I am enough. (Tell yourself this on your worse days.)
  10. If I want to see change, I have to be the change and make the change happen.
  11. In order to succeed I need to work hard, there are no shortcuts or fast lanes.
  12. I will love myself because self-love is important and vital to my growth.
  13. I will shine in the face of my enemies and show love to those who hurt me in the past.
  14. If I stay focused on my goals, I can reach them all.
  15. When things get hard I will not run away, instead, I will face them and conquer them.
  16. Communication involves listening to what the other person says also. 
  17. I need to be patient with myself. I am delicate.
  18. I will speak life into every opportunity. I will not be negative.
  19. One closed door only means that God is getting me ready for the next open one.
  20. I can make my dream a reality
  21. I will look at my cup half full, instead of half empty on my darkest days because those are my hardest days.
  22. I will be genuine at all times.
  23. I deserve everything that I’ve ever dreamed of having.
  24. When I look in the mirror, I will see a reflection of beauty because God created me perfect the way I am.
  25. I inspire people who don’t acknowledge me. 

“It’s hard trying to be positive when negative thoughts fluster your mind.

Trust me, I felt this on level 100 recently.

Truth is deep down I want to point fingers because my human self-needs someone to blame for everything wrong.

However, sometimes you have the point the finger back at yourself and re-evaluate everything you’re going through.

That’s called taking accountability for what you contributed to whatever it is…

That is the hard part.” 

I listened to a “motivational speaker” one day on IGTV and that is what I gained. How refreshing is it to feel revived after a moment of defeat? I wrote these affirmations to encourage myself and you all that no matter what we may be feeling, it’s only temporary. God is going to open that closed door and bless you. I claim all the blessing now.

  • Understanding oneself
  • Accepting Oneself,
  • Being Oneself.

All a part of the growth process. We are all still growing. Don’t beat yourself up. — MJ

Thank you so much for reading! Have a beautiful + motivational week! xoxo MJ.


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