Simplicity is key.

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Happy Monday! It’s a brand new (work) week! How excited are you to keep grinding, achieving goals and breaking barriers? On a scale of  1-10, I’m at a 10! Each new week, each new day is another opportunity do things differently than the day before.

Today’s style post is a #collaboration with BAGGU, but I wanted to share with you guys some motivation to get through the week first! I’m learning more and more that simple is better. Don’t get me wrong, standing out is awesome, but simple is more comfortable. That goes for both in style and in life.

Here’s 4 tips for keeping it simple:

  • Don’t expect too much. We as humans have a tendency to want things to go the way we plan it every time, but the truth is that’ll never happen. Things will go wrong. As I’ve grown up hearing: expect the best, the worse or nothing at all. The best motto.
  • Don’t makes excuses. Owning up to things allows us to grow and it gives us peace of mind. When we make excuses, it equates to lies. You have to think and think of more ways to convince the person or even yourself of whatever it is you’re trying to prove. That alone takes so much energy! Let that go.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself a break. You’re trying your best. We see you. Keep going.
  • Do you. PERIOD.

What is Baggu?

Medium Canvas Circle Purse in Plaid – Photo by Alberto Lima

Baggu, in my opinion, is a brand that embraces simplicity and encourages people that they do not need much to stand out. Majority of their items are lightweight and durable and you can literally take it anywhere you go! I for one honestly love this company because they have such cute bags that are long lasting and I can pair my bag with my outfit and not be ‘matchy matchy’ and go! On days where I don’t feel like being dressed up, baggu bags allows me to be comfortable and still be stylish.

Big Baggu Reusable Bag in Plaid

Benefits of baggu bags:

The Reusable Bags are great for work or school. It allows me to carry my laptop in there and it fits lunch for work, books, clothes and any accessory you need! It’s like a tote! Baggu allows me to be simple and cute. With a white shirt, jeans and some shoes…I can be myself with baggu and have all my essentials with me.

Products mentioned: Medium Canvas Circle Purse in Plaid – $55 USD

Reusable Bag in Plaid $14 USD

Remember that simplicity is key. Be yourself, love yourself.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. Baggu sent me these bags to review! #Sponsored

All photos by Alberto Lima.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.

33 thoughts on “Simplicity is key.

  1. I totally agree with you about the 10 vibes! Every week IS a new opportunity. I love your bag! It looks very simple and can carry whatever you need. I agree with your tips to keep thing simple. YES on not making excuses. Own up and move on. If people don’t like our answers, then that’s not our issue. I love the pattern of Baggu!

    Nancy ♥

  2. Simplicity is not only comfortable, but it helps maintain perspective. Lovely post! I’m always on the hunt for simple and lasting products.

  3. I love your energy. I was so excited yesterday for Monday . I’m never excited for Monday , but this week I was. I am so ready to kill my goals this week. I have been running into a lot of people who are sad and down but I’m glad to run into someone who is eager and upbeat . I really appreciate your positivity. I hope you have a good holiday.

  4. Loving the positivity and focus on a simple but gorgeous look! day to day I love wearing a lowkey but put together outfit so Baggu sounds like such a great company to help with that. Loving the plaid prints too. Thanks for sharing and bringing a new brand to my attention xx

  5. These bags look amazing!
    Simplicity is key and I need to get that into my head. I’m always beating myself up over things and hoping things will go the way I plan them and half of the time, they don’t. Fate has a way of changing my plans and it can be frustrating but I need to learn that they don’t go the way I plan. Love your photos!

  6. Love the ‘keeping it simple vibe’. You’re right, us humans tend to complicate things while life is all about enjoying the simpke pleasures. Beautiful photos and cute bag.

  7. Love this reusable bag! I always curse myself when I forget to take mine to the supermarket! Also love the tips you shared to keep it simple. I tend to expect too much which leaves me either disappointed or totally overworked and stressed out. I need to learn how to keep it simple and slow myself to take it easy! Xx

  8. Cute outfit! The bags are very cute. I love the push for bags that are reusable and are versatile. Your four tips are great. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of our own head spaces, which can oftentimes be mean to ourselves. We’re allowed to exist and make mistakes as humans. It’s just part of our journeys.


  9. Such a lovely bag you’ve got there! I absolutely agree with you. New week is a new start.

    lots of love, Jasmin

  10. I love your positivity MJ, your blog is always so uplifting to read! This is such a lovely bag and it looks like you can fit so much in there. Your photos are so gorgeous too and you look stunning! Thanks for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  11. What absolutely beautiful photos, you look amazing. I completely agree that simplicity is key, and quality over quantity! I love your tips as well, perfect motivation for Monday! The bag looks perfect too, and would look so good with any outfit!
    Hels xx

  12. Nice bags! I totally agree with you on the simplicity. I try to live by the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) I have to remind ,myself of that pretty often, I tend to overthink things.
    Anyway, great post, good reminder of something that “should” come natural to us, but doesn’t.

    Karen |

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