Go Get It.





All Photos By Duran Andrae.

These photos are giving me BOSS BABE vibes. She is serious about her future.

This past week I’ve had a lot of “ah ha” moments, some high and low moments, and some okay moments as well. To be honest, how many of you can relate to the day to day struggle of keeping your head above water and just making it through? I can definitely.

Today’s post came to mind because of some motivational speeches I’ve been listening to lately that have had me on a high. Usually, in the mornings I listen to one song that keeps me company as I get ready for work, then transition to traveling to work. However, I swapped to listening to one particular motivational speech that really gets me pumping and makes me want to actually get out there and GO GET IT!

How do you guys feel about motivational speeches? 

For me, once in a while, I need one as a ‘pick me uper’. Sometimes I need that reminder. As much as that reminder is good, it is not all that will make us want to get out there. We have to put in the work. I’ve noticed sometimes that we may hear something, say in our minds “yeah I need to do this” or “I can do this”, but our actions show nothing. Do let your actions be like “bubblegum”.

I just got hip to the saying of having something be like bubblegum from a preacher and I am running with it! Do not let your actions be like bubblegum, meaning do not just pretend to do something you say you’ll do and then get tired of it and stop. Like bubblegum, it tastes good for just a moment, then we spit it out. Our actions need to be sustainable and long-lasting.

The importance of self-talk goes so much further than just telling yourself “I got this”. It requires a constant reminder every day, self-encouragement, self-love, and a belief in whatever we are feeding our mind. 

Question: What foods are you feeding your mind?

That’s another topic & blog post for another day. I can go so in-depth with that, “Foods for the minds”—good and bad. Like our bodies, whatever we consume is what we would let out.

“What you put in your mind, is what you will let out your mouth”. – MJ.

So I’m going to make a u-turn back to my original thought, whatever you want in life you have to go get it. Nobody is spoon-feeding you anymore. As grown folks, we have to take responsibility, realize what we are bringing to the table (I Bring Me), and WORK towards our goals. The road is there, the path isn’t always clear, but the ultimate results are always sufficient. We need to be the author of our own motivational speeches daily and not let our actions be like bubblegum. Tasty, but not satisfying. 

Style details: Blush Pink Heels & Plaid Pants- Zara, Black Sweater- Boohoo, Beaded Bag- Urban Outfitters

Have a great week! Go get your wins!


  • These photos are amazing! I love the style of them and the lighting too! You are stunning! For me, I always feel hit and miss with motivational speeches but love motivational videos with music and stuff.

  • Love the fashion pics, especially the beaded bag! Nowadays it is certainly becoming more prevalent to “go get it.” There’s a lot of competition and if you want it, you have to grab hold of it. Motivational speeches function as more of a reminder of this for me.

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