20 Thoughts For 2020.


DSC08872DSC08836IMG_2589.JPGDSC08843DSC08894.JPGGuys, guess what? 2020 is right around the corner. I mean, not literally but it’s a few weeks away, so I decided to share 20 thoughts for 2020 with you to get you ready for what’s ahead!

**Disclaimer: This post is a bit lengthy, but it is worth the read + dope photos ahead!

20 Thoughts For 2020
  • Keeping it real 2020 is a bit scary for me. Not because I’m thinking negatively or anything, but it’s scary because I am super anxious about what’s coming! Honestly, God has been blessing me thoroughly and keeping it all the way real…I am so happy right now. I finally feel like good things really came to me. I’ve always kept the faith and tried to walk the walk, but sometimes it got hard and I did lose faith for a second. Thankfully I found my way back to God and my faith grew and grew to where it is now. SO, my first thought and advice are this: Never lose your faith. Why? Because God always has a plan for our lives, even when we cannot fully see it.
  • Don’t stand in the way of your own blessings. Clich√© as that may sound, it’s an actual fact. Many times we cause ourselves to lose out, all because we are afraid to give in. When I say “give in”, I’m referring to putting our all into something (whatever we may want or desire). Leave that mess in 2019. Actually leave that mess where it is now, start fresh today! Put in the work for your dreams now and stop putting it on the back burner. I’m speaking to myself in this one also!
  • Push yourself.
  • Stop complaining.
  • Stop comparing yourself. The grass is NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. Please ladies and gentlemen, this comparing your life, goals, accomplishments to other people has to end now. It will only lead you down a wormhole of darkness, bitterness, envy, and sadness. No one ever felt better from comparing themselves to anyone! Instead, be happy for that person or even ask them for help or assistance if possible. Elevate them and they will elevate/embrace YOU in return. Trust me, it’s God’s way and God’s way always wins.
  • Everything is FIGURE-OUT-ABLE.
  • Therapy is NOT the enemy. I’ve actually been thinking about going to therapy. I haven’t told anyone (other than my mom because she’s thinking of going too), but it may allow me to speak about things from my childhood that I may not have let go of. Honestly, not sure of it but I don’t think people should feel embarrassed for doing it. It’s a form of release and relief. With that being said, if you been thinking about it or have done it, let me know your thoughts in the comments!
  • Have that terrifying conversation you been dodging. I’m sorry, but dodging a serious, ‘need to be had’ convo ain’t the answer love. Put your big boy/or big girl underwear on and GET IT DONE.
  • Let go of loose ends. Period.
  • Stop feeling guilty for choosing YOU. Again… STOP FEELING GUILTY FOR CHOOSING YOU.
  • Dress to impress. This is an important thought I’m sharing because sometimes your outward appearance does matter. Do not believe the lies you been fed. Dress the part first, then make it your own!
  • Let God fight the battles for you. Some people are natural-born fighters (like me…shameless), but God tells us over and over that he wants to fight our battles for us. We are so stubborn sometimes, we neglect that voice in our heads that tells us to relax. Like an energizer bunny, we are ready to go always, but time to let that part of us go. It’s actually holding you back from growing into what God wants you to be. WOW, that one hit home for me!

For my ladies…

  • You are capable of love.
  • Stop pushing that guy who likes you away. This one speaks to a lot of you. You’re scared of being hurt or commitment issues or trust issues. Leave that in 2019. Give him a chance. Honestly, some guys suck I get it, but there are a faithful few who are actually genuine and true to their tongue! If you like him, give him a chance.
  • Stop giving it all away. You don’t have to give it up every time you ‘like’ a guy or because he’s fine! Guys may not say it out loud, but a little mystery, self-respect and ‘hard to get’ action does the trick. Actually, scratch that! Respect yourself enough to not give in on your feelings or wants, but act with your brain. When you love yourself, like God loves you…you move differently when it comes to relationships. You got to love and understand yourself completely before letting that person in (literally and figuratively). Just keeping it REAL!

For my gentlemen…

  • Be gentle! I mean, it’s in your title “GENTLE-man”.
  • You can have cake and eat it too. What I mean is this… you can be a good, respectful guy and have the same type of woman on your arm. SINGULAR…woman. The player mentality, leave that in 2019.
  • Be real with yourself.
  • You can be great too in this world that tells you you cannot. Black men graduate. Black men run businesses. Black men go to church. Black men can smile, laugh, do good, be an example, be a father. The list will forever go on.

Last thought.

  • Be good to yourself. This goes out to everyone. The old and young. The ‘sacrificers’ of the family, the go-getters, entrepreneurs, bloggers, stylists…pause and be good to yourself. Treat yourself more. Self-care is important for both men and women. Don’t let 2020 catch you doing the same thing you did all year. DO BETTER!


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