Top Stores To Shop + How To Get Cash Back.

My name is Marikah and I’m a shopperholic. *Whew that felt good to admit haha*. Okay, I’m not alone because majority of the time I post a dope outfit or other accessories on my instagram stories, a bunch of you reach out to find out where I got it. So I decided to do a blog post giving you some deets on my favorite go-to stores to shop (some non-clothing related) and my secret to saving money even though I’m spending. If you’re interested in knowing that information, keep reading!

Top Stores To Shop [Online/In-store]

  1. ASOS. This is a big spill because Asos is my go-to store, especially since you can subscribe/pay for the two day shipping which comes in handy ever so often! Why wait 3-5 days when you can get your outfits in 2 days? Exactly. Another reason I absolutely love asos is because they have the most random sales. I’m a girl who love my discounts/sales so this is a PLUS. Nothing I love more than a little discount. Asos also has clothing fit for any occassion. This is something I appreciate a lot. So there you have it my three main reasons I love Asos. Here’s a few outfits I copped from Asos.

Yellow pleated dress, black scooped back bodysuit, pastel yellow dress and yellow suit.

2. SHEIN. Honestly, I slept on Shein back in the days. It’s actually a great online shore for finding dupes and style on a budget. It’s a hit or miss sometimes, but when you get a hit it’s a HIT. I bought all my swimwear for my honeymoon from Shein. One day I’ll show you guys those photos. Definitely check out the website.

3. ZARA. Everyone knows Zara has dope pieces. I choose wisely because so much people shop their now. The prices are pretty high, but the quality is great. I think because I worked their in the past it has made me more open to shopping there. I sure do miss the employee discounts though!

4. LEVIs. Top store for denim jeans. It’s pricey, but the quality is long lasting. You can go years without if you buy one or two pairs. In my book that’s a win. I usually buy my jeans when there’s a sale, but if I really want it bad, I’ll pay the full price.

5. ST.COLE [new addition]. You’re welcome in advance. Someone put me on and I won’t be stingy and not share it. I bought a dope hat from here recently and I’m patiently waiting to be notified of when the next ones I want come back in stock.

6. NORDSTOM RACK. Don’t sleep on them like me. My sisters love this store and I too now share their love for it. The best prices and all the everything you never knew you needed!

Okay more stores to check out, I’ll just list them:

7. HOME DEPOT. For your plant needs and wants! Check out my youtube video to see my plant video! Link HERE.

8. BEDSCAPE. For all your bed dreams and desires!

9. BELLOCQ. Great kitchen necessities and wants!

10. SUNGLASS SPOT. All the glasses and shades you NEED all at $5. You’re welcome!

11. GLOSSIER. All your skincare and makeup needs. Here’s a 10% off link on me!

12. BOOTAY BAG. Get your panties and bras delivered every month with your subscription of like $10-15 bucks! You’re welcome.

13. LULUS. Quality clothing, shoes, accessories.

14. FOREVER 21. DO. NOT. SLEEP. ON. THEM. That’s all. I got a fur coat from them last year and it will last me forever! Here’s a picture of me in it.

15. H&M. I recently started shopping here again and I’m satisfied with the outcome.

16. MANGO. LOVE LOVE LOVE MANGO. A bit pricey, but you can get lucky and catch a sale!

17. AMAZON. Guys, for all your needs amazon got you. Accessories, home goods, clothing, bedding you name it!!

18. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a list of “black owned logos” curated by my friend Evelyn on her blog “Her Neck Of The Woods”! CLICK HERE to view.

That’s about all the stores I can remember for now. Any additional ones, I’ll come back and add it to this post.

How To Get Cash Back When You Shop

So I’ve been shopping and getting cash back whenever I do from certain stores. Want to know how? Easy. I signed up for Rakuten (known as beats before) to get a percentage of money back when I shop at qualifying stores.


  • Sign up with your email using this link–> I WANT CASH BACK
  • Download the app on your phone or computer
  • Whenever you’re ready to shop type in the name of the store
  • Click the store, then your cash back will be activated
  • After your purchase check back the app and you’ll see the cash back in your account

I’ve been using this since 2018 earning cash back and here are my results! You will only receive the cash back when you’ve earned back more than $5 and in every three months.

Hopefully this helps! I definitely recommend that you sign up and get money back….YOUR money back when you shop. Think of it as a discount every time you shop! It’s amazing. Let me know if you have questions.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for stopping by! XO MJ.

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