Things To Leave Behind In 2020.

I just wanted to make a list for you guys of some things you should consider leaving behind in 2020.

Let’s remember that this year we were faced with probably the most trials, but ask yourself this question:

“Why is it that this year showed me it’s worst, yet still I found a way to triumph?” – What response did you have? (Leave it in the comment section. I’m curious.

Here’s the short list:

  1. Doubt. Too many times you may have found yourself on the self-doubt train asking yourself “why is this not happening for me?” or “what am I doing wrong?”. What you need to understand is things won’t always go as planned. Honestly “planned” events are overrated, I can attest to that. Majority of the things in my life never went as planned and it has been the most enjoyable, blessed moments of my life. So instead of beating yourself up and second guessing your greatness, own it and control it!
  2. Boundaries that are unclear. We are all getting too old to have unclear boundaries with others, especially where one party has to second guess or figure out how the other is feeling. Set clearer boundaries and be direct about what you are going to accept and what you aren’t.
  3. Fear of failure or fear of not being enough. This one gets real, real quick. You have to let yourself You have to allow yourself to grow out of the mindset that fear is in control. Be open and committed to learning your value and your worth.
  4. Not celebrating yourself and your accomplishments. Many people feel guilty when they accomplish something and celebrate themselves. DON’T. You worked hard. You put in work. You had long days and night. You never gave up. Do not feel like you have to tippy toe around others who have not yet accomplished anything. If they are truly in your corner, they will be completely happy for you & will even want to celebrate with you.
  5. Settling. That word is gross. Why settle? You were made to be more than the average joe. Allow yourself to take steps intentionally in the right direction where you will prosper.
  6. Gaining approvals from people. I struggled with this. Understand that you do not need anyone’s approval to do YOU. Please please please leave this behind! You owe it to yourself to be your own biggest cheerleader. You do not need to get “okayed’ by anyone.
  7. Joy killers. We all know of these kinds of people. Let them go. Anyone who can interrupt your joy and happiness need not to be a part of your life. Period.

I hope this was helpful. As we go into a new year in a couple weeks, let’s remember to take things that will only bring us joy, peace and love.

Have a great week! xoxo MJ.

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