bye bye comfort zones.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never an easy task, then again taking any step onto an new path is scary.
Should that stop us?
Should we be so afraid or caught up in what seems familiar that we X out every other possible new venture?
In case you do not know the answer, it’s “NO“.
We cannot allow ourselves to lose out on something that may be better for us.
Often times I get nervous, anxious, “uncomfortable” and sometimes afraid of trying new things…
A perfect example is this photo:Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with a4 presetI’m so use to posing in my photos a certain way that I felt “weird” when my bf directed me to try a different pose.
What I did not know then was that it looked pretty good, it was something new, something different and I loved it.
In life we have to challenge ourselves by taking risks.
We have to be able to push through the barriers and the boundaries set by our own self.

Within our comfort zones these are the things that are repetitive:
* A consistent and steady “regular/mediocre” performance.
* A tendency to hold yourself back (when we get too comfortable) and a disregard for trying to get to that other level or feel discomfort.
* An attitude where you’d rather back down, that strive to win.
* Constant walls are put up to block out change.
Who wants to live this way?
{Ponder on that for a second. If you want to know what stepping out your comfort zone does for you, keep reading.}

Awesome things happen when we step out of it.
The Benefits:IMG_0628
* You can now achieve goals you never knew you thought you could, due to that push you gave yourself.
* Personal growth. Physical growth. Spiritual growth.
* Good anxiety. This helps us grow when we take certain risks.
* The fear of failure is not a hindrance on your new path.
* Empowerment/Power is now exercised.
* Fear, but fear that makes you want to try new things you aren’t use to.
* No “what ifs”, rather you then say “what’s next”.
* Less conformity and more opportunity.
{Remember that Conformity or the act of conforming is being in compliance with rules or to correspond with a form or manner. This you will do no more!}

Today I encourage you all to take that step onto uncomfortable grounds and see how much more of a stress-free, worry-free life you can live when you risk it and not kiss it. (“It”= anything that is holding you back!)

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  1. Thanks marikah this was very beautiful and I needed this, love your blogs keep it up girlfriend 😘

  2. I loved this post I came out of my comfort zone when I started doing fashion posts you would have never caught me taking outfit pics before and starting YouTube was a big step for me and putting myself out there, I have always been this shy girl, I still am but I have relaxed I have evolved and stepped out of my comfort zone a lot, living the photos too so gorgeous

  3. I was TERRIFIED to Start my blog and had a thousand reasons why the time wasn’t right. And then I just said F It. Yes to breaking down walls of comfort & I love how your BF challenged you to be uncomfortable. ❤

  4. ermmmm how beautiful are you?!!! gorgeous! this is actually particularly poignant for me as I’m on the cusp of making a decision on a dilemma – on the one hand i could play it safe, and on the other i could risk it and take a leap out of my comfort zone. Thanks for writing such a wonderful post!

  5. Loved reading this post, definitely a reminder that I needed. We can all get comfortable and not want to change the situation, but when we take a step on a new path, new things can open up for us, that the chance and discover a whole new world. Great content dear, plus I loved the new poses!

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline

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