“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.” – MLK, Jr. When you think of the word confident, what comes to mind? For me, I think of the words bravery, courage, fierce, and being positive. Growing up we are encouraged to be confident in everything that we do. We are…

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glow with glossier.

Skincare + makeup = glossier ! I’ve been crushing on glossier for a while now and I’m super stoked to share with you some of my favorites as of right now! There are so many skincare/makeup companies out there, but being quite honest glossier is in my top 5 favorites. I’m an authentic person so…

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4 things to remember about life.​

Here are “4 things to remember about life” in a short, get right to it post: 1. It is a learning process. Point me in the direction of a person who got it right from the beginning. I’ll wait. Nobody knows how to do everything right the first, second or third time, but they kept pushing.…

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girl gang.

So cliché to even have bought this t-shirt, but honestly it means so much more. There’s so much girls out there that are not believing in themselves, not loving what they see when they look in the mirror, girls who are just being put down by all the guys who cannot see their worth. This…

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we are all humans.

Two eyes. One mouth. Ears. A face. Arms. Hands. Legs. Feet. We all have them. Basic body parts that make up a human being. Rugged. Dirty. Smelly. Hungry. I use to shun my face and cover my nose. I couldn’t stand to be in the same cart as a homeless person, but one day it…

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just some self affirmations to keep you going throughout this week.
the topic is “breathe”. keep reading.

i know, sometimes its a little hard to breathe.
try. please try.
keep trying…
to breathe in a world full of hate.
please keep trying…
to breathe in this world full of evil doers.
do not stop trying…
to fight against the inevitable.
things will always happen, bad or good.
whether or not it’s what you want..
things will keep occurring.
remember God.
remember GOD.
remember He got you no matter what.
fear will try..
to scare you.
fear will try…
to turn your heart against Him.
it will keep trying, but it will always fail.
i just want to remind you that every breath counts.
every good deed is a check beside your name.
wait your turn.

and please just breathe.

beauty in art.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art? (I’ll give you like 5 seconds to think about it) TIMES UP! For me, art is in everything around us. I don’t think anyone can really be the judge of what you in yourself consider to be art. I say this because…

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