little ways to stay motivated every day.

Every new week I start I make sure to encourage myself that this week will be better than the last one. Are you? Well, if you’re not then this post should give you some type of encouragement to keep going strong all week, every week. I know it’s so cliché when everyone says, “I hate Mondays” because it’s such a drag or because it’s the ending of a spectacular weekend of relaxation, but maybe if we started off with positive thoughts, we’d end our week so much better! Here are a few ways to stay motivated:

1. Set weekly goals.

We all have goals that we want to accomplish, whether it’s a weekly/monthly/or yearly goal so why not try hard to accomplish them? Setting weekly goals allow us to stay focused, organized and most importantly it gives us something to look forward too. I don’t know about you but when I have a checklist of goals completed I feel great and it encourages me that all is not wrong in the universe!

2. Stay positive.

I have realized that this is not the easiest thing to do, but when it is done it can leave you at ease. When you have a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life you show others the many possibilities to whatever situation they may be going through. Positiveness can be infectious and it can spread like a disease, but remember so can negativity (10x as much). So the importance of having your head on right…well you know how valuable that is.

3. Remember what you have accomplished thus far.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts “Celebrate the small successes”, we have to give ourselves some credit where credit is due. I am not saying to lavish yourself in luxurious gifts and be self-absorbed, but rewarding yourself here or there with something you love is not bad. I’m a strong believer in celebrating your achievements because NO ONE knows your story and your struggle. No one knows what you been through to get where you are but you, so celebrate yourself. You are worth it.

4. Create/build a great support system or team.

Every day will not be great or spectacular, that’s just the reality of it all. Some days you will want to shut down, cry or even give up. Having the right people (or person) in your corner is all you need to whip you back into shape sometimes! Trust me, I’ve been there. Some days I cry and get overwhelmed with life, but because I have established a great support team behind me I’m always getting the encouragement necessary to keep my head up & to keep going.

5. Write/or speak positive affirmations about your life.

This is something I have adopted from a fellow writer that I thought was so helpful with my overall wellness and mental health. Setting the stage for yourself and having positive affirmation daily helps me to claim all the success, the gratitude, the happiness, the pureness over my life. WORDS HAVE POWER. Whatever we speak of our lives will surely happen, so why not speak greatness over your life regularly? Trust me, it helps. It keeps me motivated to go throughout my day. I speak life over my life. Try it.
Weekly affirmations:

* I’m almost at the finish line. Just a few more steps.
* Positive mind, positive vibes, and a positive life.
* I will accomplish my goals.
* I will try to be a better person than I was last week.
* I will encourage and inspire others to be great.
* Show love to people while they are alive.


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