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Hey loves, I hope you are having a terrific day.

Today’s post has to do with a little self-encouragement and learning the art of finding what is best for yourself. Something I’ve learned is that you cannot judge a book by its cover, no seriously. Here me out. So you ever had a friend growing up that you always admired and wondered how he/or she had so much more than you did? Or that friend who never had faults? Well, so you thought… Then as you grew older you realized that that person was not perfect. They did not always have everything together and they had to work really hard to get what they had. Yes, I’ve been there…actually, I’ve been in both situations. I have learned that you have to focus your attention on yourself before you try to look over your shoulder at someone else. Many times I see this happening where people are so busy worrying about someone else, that they totally miss out on their own blessing.

It literally gets you nowhere. All that comes with that is a heap of depression. Everyone has fallen short of this sometime in their life, but the important thing is drawing the line and not crossing it. Learn to appreciate what you have to offer. As a blogger, many times I see other content and I admire how beautiful it is and aspire to be as great, but then I have to realize that my content is just as good. You have to boost your own ego sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, don’t be bigheaded but a little self-love is good for the soul. CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS and always remember your work does not go overlooked. People see you and whether they acknowledge you or not, just know you’re poppin’!

Tip: Figure out what you want.
This is important because you cannot move forward without having a plan for yourself. You have to actually sit down and write out where you see your life going, what you want to see change, what you can improve on etc. Once you have that down pack, then you can get the ball rolling. You have to work towards the prize, whether you get help or not. It’s cool to have help at the beginning, but there comes a point in your life where you have to pick up the baton and finish YOUR race.

Expectancy > Reality
Do not have greater expectations that you can budget in. IRL you have to know what is going to work for you. You know yourself best so it is prevalent that you make those sufficient choices that can benefit both you and your pockets. Like for me, I see myself having more travel adventures this year (doesn’t even have to be extravagant) so in order for that to happen, I have to cut down on some things like SHOPPING
+ spending money loosely for no reason. You have to set boundaries and know when to tell yourself NO. I cannot lie this is something I truly struggle with, but by God’s grace, I can reach my goal. Keeping your priorities in order is so important because it encourages growth in your whole lifestyle. Live a life to show that your expectancy and reality match up.

Another thing that can help with finding what’s best for yourself is learning how to make the best of what you have presently. Honestly, this ties in with being grateful for what you have. So many times we see something and instantly convince ourselves that we NEED it when in actuality it was actually a WANT. Learning the importance of being content with what you have encourages growth in your life and it gives you a closer grip on who you are. Knowing that God has blessed you with something as great as being alive with good health and food on your table and a place to live should make you far more happy about what you have right in front of you.

Tip: Belief in yourself.
You cannot come and tell me you believe in me when you don’t even believe in yourself. You ever had that friend who is totally supportive of you, but when it comes to themselves they are super negative? Break out of that. Believing in yourself goes far beyond just thinking you can do it. It requires action. When someone truly believes in who they are it shows by the way they speak, the way they carry about themselves, their walk and most importantly their mindsets! Yeah sometimes you may not win, but as my previous post said: FAILURE IS AN OPTION! Don’t ever be afraid to fail.

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo MJ.


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